Adam’s Aston Martin DB9


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Adam’s Aston Martin DB9

Adam’s 2004 Aston Martin DB9 has had a touch of work done by the renowned Chip Foose. Stylish Hood Scoop, and body trim have been changed and adds to an already beautiful car.

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  1. Mark says:

    Loved the first CarCast. Question. I saw on the inside you decided to go with the 6-speed auto. What was the reasoning for that choice over the traditional manual?

  2. Nick says:

    I prefer to call it British Racing green but whatever floats your boat I guess.

  3. mike says:

    Ace man,

    You ranted about getting crap for choosing Aston Martin Racing Green on Ox Blood Red interior, but not a single photo of the interior? For shame. Fire the WEEZ!

  4. Rick Heronime says:


    Love the Car Cast! You should do 1 a day forever…. You guys left out some real important info on the Porsche 914-6. This car not only had the 911 T 2.0 Liter engine but had all 911 T suspension. This car was completely built at the Porsche factory and is the only 914 that had a true Porsche Serial number (beginning in 914XXX etc). The 4 cylinders used all VW parts and were made at the Volkswagen factory and had a VW serial number (beginning in 471XXXetc).

    As for the pronunciation, to say anything other than Porsha is like calling a Ferrari a Ferrar or a Chevrolet a Chevrolet (hard T) or a Corvette a Corvettie.. It does not work like Tomato Tomatoe as the good professor indicated.

    Keep up the great job!


  5. Chris says:

    1) Sweet new podcast
    2) Cut the music from the video….we’re not retards that have to have filler noise to make our brains happy
    3) Start the car up man! Maybe drive it around a little…..Let’s hear that thing purrr!
    4) Let’s see some more of the interior.
    5) Get it on!!!

  6. Shawn says:

    It needs 20 inch rims. Maybe some low profile tires also.

    • JP says:

      If bigger is better why do F1 cars run small rims? Mainly bevause unsprung weight hurts performance, higher rotating mass increase stopping distance (as well as acceleration), the further from the hub the mass is located the more it affects deceleration and acceleration. Also the total weight of the car is affected. Compare the weight of the rim and tire of a 315/75R16 and a 305/55R20, they are close to same overall dimensions but the 20″ combo weights much more and the heaviest part, where the tire mounts to the rim is 2″ further away from the center of the hub.

  7. love the podcast. how about more pictures from different angles on the guest/adams rides. I want to see more of these cars. i know some intern wants to take pictures for you.

  8. Kr0ss says:

    When are you guys going to stop teasing and give us a feature on that e46!?

  9. mnoswad1 says:

    drop the background music please. not needed. what is this……..E channel?

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