Adam’s Aston Martin DB9


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Adam’s Aston Martin DB9

Adam’s 2004 Aston Martin DB9 has had a touch of work done by the renowned Chip Foose. Stylish Hood Scoop, and body trim have been changed and adds to an already beautiful car.

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  1. Don says:

    I enjoy anything you put out Ace! Love the podcast and now the carcast.. Cant wait to see the rest of your amazing cars!

  2. Colt says:

    Love the new podcast. if we cant have topgear at least we now have a American show with a host that appreciates design.keep up the good work

  3. Patryk says:

    Great first episode of the carcast. Its nice to see a great GT in a unique color combo, always been a huge fan of the red interiors. I do agree with the wheels however, gloss black has a tendency to optically shrink their diameter, have you looked into a hyper black it would compliment the dark rich tones of the car. A set of BBS RS-GT or LM-R in Diamond Black would give the car a classic look, plus they’re light weight.

  4. peej says:

    Awesome site, awesome videos. Since you guys are pretty handy you should consider building Donnie a steadycam setup for the vids. Nothing too spectacular but maybe smooth out the bumps a bit.

    Extremely awesome car though. I’m stoked you’re putting this all together for us!

  5. matt says:

    Thanks Adam, loved the carcast, really appreciate your efforts…

  6. Mark T. says:

    Well, the scoop looks nice but it isn’t functional. If it doesn’t make it go faster then I say that it isn’t worth it.

    Leave it to an Italian to put red interior in a green car. I hope you plan on keeping it.

    So, is this the same Aston Martin that you drove onto the construction site in The Adam Carolla Project? I grimaced like someone kicked me in the nuts when you dragged the nose on the asphalt when you entered the driveway. Please don’t ever do that again. The car deserves a little respect.

    Anyway, I like the new podcast. I hope you invite Foose, Titus, and Clarkson on the show!

  7. Sam says:

    Love the Carcast. As an Englishman let me point out it’s called “British Racing Green” not “Aston Martin Green”. Great car though and I also favor smaller rims (smaller chicks in general). I’ve got to say though the whitewalls need to die. Please, those tires will haunt my dreams.

    • CarCast says:

      At the Aston Factory with Ace and the Weez we came to the conclusion that 2 colors existed that were close. from the color selections that were available one was British Racing Green and one was the Aston Martin Racing Green (or some such name). They were just slightly different as I recall. Doesn’t really matter as the really does look great.

  8. jon says:

    Wow. When I listened to the podcast I was thinking “ugh. A green Aston Martin, that could never work.” And boy have I been proven wrong.

  9. chu says:

    yo ace… love the podcast… and if you keep your carcast website updated…

    ill be visiting your site more than jays garage…

    well not really… but still cant wait to see what you’re gonna do next..

  10. steve says:

    love the online video, who needs speed channel. I am looking forward to the next video feature

  11. Mark says:

    Adam, never really had much of an opinion of your work until you got shit canned. Absolutley love your podcasts. Question, you are only a medium celebrity and you live like a king. Did you make your money from investments? Or does Hollywood really pay everyone one in the biz exorbenant money? My god, what kind of life is Jimmy living? Enjoyed the first Carcast, and your podcast. It’s sad that you at your most entertaining is a dead end as a moneymaker. I would pay to subscribe, but doubt many would. Too bad.

  12. JimV says:

    Adam – All I can say is, this is perfect for you. I knew you were a gearhead, I never knew how much you actually knew about these things though. Obviously, this is your wheelhouse. Its a shame Top Gear didn’t get picked up, but I think this will work out great.

    Gotta say man, you’re truly on the right path. Terrestrial radio really kept you down, now that you’re able to do your own thing I think everybody enjoys it even more. Keep it up buddy, I can’t wait to see the next project you tackle.

    By the way, great video – hope you keep doing what you’re doing.

    • JimV says:

      Sidenote: Donny/Ciaffi great job with the video, sound bed, all that good stuff. Everything looked and sounded very professional….. right up until the ‘buttfu*%ing’ comment by a Adam. I guess thats just Adam though.

  13. Marc says:

    This is a perfect venue for you Adam. With the added bonus that you get to talk about things you love interspersed with the usual complaining about how everything sucks…..I love the Car Cast!

    The DB9 is my current dream car. The design is flawless. There is not a bad angle to view it from. I look forward to seeing what other vehicles you feature. I am voting for:

    Audi S5
    Audi R8
    Lamborghini Murcielago
    Ford GT40

    And in case you have any billionaire friends:

    Ferrari 288GTO
    Bugatti Veyron

  14. Ian L. McQuade says:

    Adam, I will say that in this case the hood scoop has worked and it is a beautiful car regardless. I can say that for the wheels you may look towards a gun metal color. I think that because the grey silhouette that the stock tinted windows provide, end up giving off a lighter feel and the drastic contrast of the black just causes it to look like.. an aston and some black wheels. Its almost as if the wheels and the Aston are step siblings, and one another really only want to as close as they are required to be, and only for quick moments do they even go in for a side huge. Regardless, great show and i look forward to the following episodes.

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