Alonzo Bodden BMW X6


Alonzo Bodden BMW X6

Alonzo’s current ride included his new BMW X6 SAC (Sports Activity Coupe). It was a bit rainy the day of the CarCast, but it cleared up enough to do a walk around the X6.

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  1. Chris says:

    I don’t get the whole BMW thing, they don’t do a thing for me. I’ve driven nearly all of the newer and older models and I am not impressed by them at all.

  2. Dan Carrol says:

    I love the BMW’s. When I first saw the X6 I thought I had to have one.

  3. ibchallenged (Bill) says:

    The X6 is sexy! Much better look than the X3 and X5.

  4. ace boy says:

    I would love to drive it. it beats my beater!

  5. Bob says:

    Love the Pod cast. Awesome as always.

  6. Fili says:

    Great job Ace cool cars but tell Donny to stop shaking the f–ck camara so much…

  7. Kip Amore says:

    I gotta be honest, I tried. I really tried with German cars because I’m a car homo and they (VW, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Benz) have reputation for quality, detail, and engineering that appeals to me. I’ve owned 4 and thru friends became familiar with a dozen others, and in short they are GARBAGE. My 1977 Benz 240d diesel, a car with perhaps the worlds best reputation, was hands down the worst piece of crap I’ve ever owned. The engineering on that car was so bad it was PERSONALLY INSULTING. The glow plugs were in series! Jesus! Christmas tree light manufacturers figured that one out before WWI. I would get perhaps 3000 miles on a set of rotors before they would shatter because of an inherent design flaw. I could list 20 things on that car that made you shout “what were those Nazi fucktards thinking?!?”. So, because I’m a glutton, I sank $4000 into a very nice 1988 Benz 300SEL. Strait six, gonna run forever right? Nope – threw a rod at 224k. First the piston collapsed, then the rod siezed the engine. That car was designed by monkeys. The oxegen sensor required removing a panel in the floor to change (why not put it on the SIDE of the cat, dipshits?). The driveshaft lived in a tunnel under the car, and the driveshaft had 3 rubber donuts that have a 35k service life. My buddy just got finished with a 6 month project to put a new heater core in a 93 VW Jetta. I recently saw a thing on tv where these guys did a clutch in a 911 – yup, the motor, transaxle and all the rear suspension has to come out. WTF? So in summation I like the styling of the kraut rides, and I really really tried to own them. But they are overrated, overpriced crap for rich people to pay the dealer to work on. No wonder these guys lost the war – they can’t even build a hood release that works. I have spoken!

  8. TC says:

    Donny, you guys are doing an amazing job. Excellent podcast – I can’t believe you guys do it everyday – and I’m doing my part to recommend to it EVERYONE whenever I can.

    One suggestion…

  9. Brian says:

    Look at that car. It’s awesome!

  10. Jim Smith says:

    The show was cool and like your podcast, I’m sure it will get better as you find a groove. So do you have a GT40? Lets hear about and see that bad boy!!!


  11. dj_rob88 says:

    how the F does one DOWNLOAD the carcast??! its not like i have a shitload of time to sit around and listen at home….as much as i would like to, just not happnin. i travel alot.

    • Kip Amore says:

      Assuming you have iTunes, go there, do a search in the iTunes store for CarCast, and subscribe to the podcast. It will automatically download and live on iTunes (and thus your ipod) every time a new show is produced.

    • CarCast says:

      You can usually click (OR RIGHT CLICK) on the link under the ‘Play Now Button’ That should do it, you might have to do something like ‘Save Link’ or ‘Save Target’ . If you want it automated, iTunes is the easiest. This link is ONLY visible in the Post, not from the home page.

      This will take you to where you need to go…

  12. Ali says:

    X6? Bah! Big, bloated 4900 lb waste of space. Weakest “car guy” car since we heard about Stromer flipping his beige Camry hybrid. Aside from that BS, great podcast!

  13. Bryan says:

    I’m sure the x6 fits some lifestyle choices of some people but it looks like BMW is going after those of us who have alot of money and very little taste. Why not pick up a rangie sport? That supercharged engine along with the rovers offroad capabilIty is a one two punch you can’t find on most lots. All BMW has produced is an eyesore for lazy Americans who want a timberland that looks like a ballet shoe. Absolutley horrible car and I’m surprised Adam was so reserved about it going on about m3s and m5s… This car doesn’t deserve a trip to the m division.

    In sum great podcast! The aceman does it again in a format that isn’t easy to pull off. Keep up the good work!

    Stay dangerous!
    Bryan from Westchester, NY

  14. justin says:

    #1 What kind of trucks have they been driving lately? I drive a chevy crew cab z71 2007 model and it rides like a sedan. its no bmw but trucks have come a long ways.

    #2 why does Adam keep referring to “doing the lords work” and saying “GD” or “thats how the lord made him” or anything like that when he’s an atheist? I think adam realizes that there is something bigger than all of us that made this thing we call life happen but doesn’t want to thought of a right winger….


    • Ali says:

      1. People have been saying that about trucks for 15 years, and to a large extent, it’s true. Dumb crossovers like the X6 especially ride like cars because — GASP!! — they’re based on cars, not trucks. Holy fucking shit, what a revelation! I wonder how many Camry… er, RX400h assho… er, owners sit there and trumpet that stupid fucking BS to everyone who has the misfortune to cross their path. One of these days I swear to God I’m just going to fucking snap and kill one of those fucking smug pieces of shit.

      But regarding the X6 “driving like a car,” I think that when you spend 60 grand on some piece of shit like the X6 (ohhh, good thing you have that overcomplicated fucking x-drive for those treacherous fucking LA winters, Alonzo!!!), you have to keep repeating stuff like that to yourself to stave off the realization that you’re a dumb asshole who has too much money and zero taste.

      2. Hey, I say “holy fucking shit” and “I swear to fucking God” a lot, so maybe I’m a closet Jesus freak, too! Fucking brilliant.

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