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Alonzo Bodden

The CarCast crew chat with Comedian and automotive aficionado Alonzo Bodden. From his aerospace career which includes working on anything from DC-10’s to the Stealth fighter he is a born mechanical master.  Alonzo’s Comedy was bitten by the comedy bug and now that’s what he spends most of his time doing. Alonzo is a car guy through to the bone, from his 60’s American Iron to his new BMW X6. If your browsing around on basic cable you may also have caught Alonzo on Speed Channel’s “101 Cars You Must Drive”.  Check out Alonzo at his website –

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56 Responses to “Alonzo Bodden”

  1. guest says:

    Great show & site. Also, thought y’all would enjoy this ridonculous driving video:

    • CarCast says:

      C’etait un Rendez vous is one of the best short films to catch a quick rush from. The amazing thing is that many many motor heads have never seen it!

      Must be played loud too. It is on the list as we expand out CarCast to have a Film section with notables titles such as this.

  2. Chris says:

    This video is incredible. I love that he blows through about 20 red lights.

    I read somewhere that the French police wanted to arrest the driver (who was a racer), but the director or producer of the film wouldn’t tell them who he was.

    The best is when he’s driving the wrong way. Does anyone know what kind of car this is?

  3. CarCast says:

    It a Ferrari 275GTB

    • Kurt says:

      the sound looped in was a ferrari V-12, bu the car used in the video was a MB 450 SEL 6.9.

      the movie has practically become the source of it’s own urban legends, like people claiming claude lelouche (the director and driver — another legend was that the driver was jean pierre jabouille) was going 200 km/h through paris — he probably never went faster than 140, but the sound gives the whole thing a very different dimension.

  4. Travis Y says:

    Check out ” Truth In 24 ” on iTunes. It is free on the ” Free On iTunes ” and the HD version is amazing.

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