Adam Carolla’s Bob Sharp Datsun 610


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Adam Carolla’s Bob Sharp Datsun 610

Adam and Ganz show off Adam’s the Bob Sharp Datsun 610.

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  1. Strike Eagle says:

    That looks like the Brady Bunch driveway.

  2. ]2eDeYe says:

    Love the Datto’s, thanks for the history on tha one.

  3. Shaggs says:

    Nice car love Dattos and never really was a fan of the 610, but this car has changed my perspective. BTW on the block it will say L18 or L20 that is how you can tell which motor is in it.

  4. Dave says:

    Whatever happened to Adams Datsun 510 that he had? It was featured in GRASSROOTS magazine a while back. Does he still have it?

  5. leadfoot_mf says:

    adam have you made it to the shasta all datsun meet yet? if not when?

    • spud510 says:

      Shasta All Datsun hasn’t been held for about three years now. The new owners of thwe ski area jacked their facilities price right thru the roof when they took over, thus lilling the event and just about everything else that went on there in the summer months.

  6. BenW says:

    I grew up in Connecticut and used to see Bob Sharp drive by my school bus stop every morning in various red, white and blue Zs. It’s fun to see somebody talking about this again.

  7. We featured that car when it was listed on eBay out of Pennsylvania last Fall. Very cool history and condition for the money!

    Feature and pics are here:

  8. Ken says:

    LOVE the podcast!

    I love UK Top Gear and Adam Carolla, the combo would be my favorite show without question. Now, on to the criticism:

    It doesn’t look like Adam will be having Oprah Winfrey on the show any time soon, so whats with the “slimming” squished video picture? Check the aspect ratio on these videos, Donny. I thought you were a pro.

    Can’t wait for the next show, get it on!

  9. Jaime says:

    Nice Datsun. Will Adam ever take it for a spin, or to a car show? I would like to see that car in person.
    Also, a video of the car in motion, and a walk around would be nice, that video is kind of stale. ( the one you guys did ) Where, if ever, can we see that car and Adam as well?


    • dudical says:

      he recently took it to a track day and spent several hours driving it

      • Jaime says:

        That is nice to learn about. Any video of that last outing? I congratulate Adam for his great taste. Datsuns are nice cars, with a lot of history, and their history in the US is great. Back in the 70s and early 80s ( before Datsun changed its name to Nissan ) these Datsuns with all its different models moved America.
        When I drive any of my Datsuns ( 710 & 610 ), let me tell you, people wave, stop, make U turns, anything in order to see these cars and I hear stories from people telling me about their fond memories, many had a Datsun 710 or a 610 as their first car, and those memories come rushing to their minds when seing a Datsun on the road these days.
        Datsuns 610 ( and 710, both are like brother Datsuns, very similar vehicles ) are great vehicles, sporty, attractive, and these cars have an element of exclusivity, for there are other Datsuns like the “Z” Datsuns and the 510 Datsuns that are still around, but there are perhaps 100 “Z” Datsuns and 80 Datsun 510s per single Datsun 610 on the road today.
        Hope to see Adam’s 610 sometime.


  10. Joey says:

    ADAM! dude at some point you need to start the engines on these cars when youre filming! maybe take them for a spin

  11. Mike Hodish says:


    Loved your tangent about the pinstriper who did your 610!

    I grew up in Norwalk, CT, which is the next town to Wilton, where Bob Sharp was located. I met Bob when I was in high school, and drove with him personally, in his street Z car that was painted up just like the racer…but no numbers or logos.. great guy. He is still here, and now has an interest in a dealership in Darien, CT. Saw him at a car show recently with a new Z, featuring the same paint scheme.

    At any rate, if I recall correctly, the stripes, etc, were done by a local sign painter named John Kurtzman, who was, pretty much, as you pictured him. He is in business with his son, at:

    A tested your podcast a couple of months ago, and can’t stop listening. It is amazing that you say the things I am thinking, but would never have the balls to blurt out, especially in public!

    Thanks for the show, best of luck to you. Maybe the Top Gear folks will pick you one day, after all!


    Mike Hodish
    Bethel, CT

  12. MrSound says:

    Holy shit Adam, the cars are so beautiful. You have astounding taste and The colors on all your cars- the flashy ones are perfect…now any trans-van burnt brown/orange/white ? hahahaha

    Weez you kill it man, you must do so much dude. I’ve made my audio remarks on the podcast and everyone thanks Adam for it… and I have , but I’d like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for the podcast! You were the one that suggested it, made it happen with cioffi so…. thank you for all your work it’s what makes LA traffic bearable.



  13. Nick says:

    What class is the 610 in or if you know, what times will Adam will racing at Coronado 2010?

    • CarCast says:

      Don’t have the schedule it’s likely sitting on Adam’s desk at home ;). We are there early and leave late, I think that is how we cover the race schedule!

      It may be the Trans Am 2.5 or something like that.


  14. swimmerbob says:

    610s are cool and have LOTS of room under the hood. us 510 people can trade our strut suspensions for more room, but those 4-cam motors fit easily in the 610. everyone thinks the 610 was a 510 with a different body, but the drivetrain and many key parts about the suspension and suspension mounting were larger heavier versions of the 510 components. and, oh, that cavern of an engine compartment! i’m jealous. easiest way to tell an L18 From an L20B motor- the L20B front cover has two 8mm bolts holding each top corner onto the cylinder block and the L18 front cover has only one. all L20B blocks have the script ID near #2 cylinder; some non-USA L18 blocks do not. the L20B block is taller and this becomes apparent when you work with them. the 610′s were a great line of cars, but were doomed as a flagship model with the impending introduction of nissan’s new six-cylinder 810 line for the 1977 model year (along with that UGLY 200SX). Fun times.

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