Cheryl Hines First Car

Cheryl Hines First Car

Actress Cheryl Hines’ and her first ride… the Dodge Dart Swinger

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  1. Man you guys really out did yourselves with this site. I love all the content you all have posted specifically the videos. Will there be any motorcycle oriented stuff in the future maybe? Either way great site, thanks so much.

  2. crlujan says:

    I know I’m 34 and should be into 19 year olds or sometihng like that but Cheryl Hines is HOT.

  3. Kip Amore says:

    I lament the fact that my 1 year old daughter will probably not have a 73 Dart Swinger as her first car. It just seems like it’s THE first car, and it has been forever. Cavemen stood erect, exited their caves, and then were given a slant six Duster on their 16th birthdays. I once bought TWO 75 Darts off some old guy for $50. I made a gas tank out of a brake fluid bottle, and drove them away, broken torsion bars and all.

    I feel that if there was a hall of fame for the most pedestrian, proletariat, most durable, after-the-nuclear-war type of car, the Mopar A body would be king of the hill. What ya’ll gonna be driving after the bombs go off? Nissan GTR? Hummer H3? I think NOT! 65 Valiant station wagon with a slant six baby. Little known fact: the underdash air vent doors in those cars are the PERFECT size to hold a beer bottle AND keep it cold while driving.

  4. AceMan,

    Let’s not forget these light little grocery-getters came with 318 and 340 V8s too. My best friend’s mom had one and she would let me drive it all the time. It was awesome. Steering was all over the road, but did that ever bother the Duke boys of Hazzard County? I rest my case.

    There was even a paisley vinyl roof version one year, but I can’t find a pic of it.

    Your’s Truly,

    Lance Carbuckle

  5. FASTER345 says:

    My first car ALSO was a brown with white vinyl top Dodge Dart Swinger. AWESOME!

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