Christopher Titus Foose 56′ Chevy


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Christopher Titus Foose 56′ Chevy

Titus’s Bad Assed 56′ Twin Foose Chevrolet. Adam and Chris talk about the custom 1956 Chevrolet that was built by Chip Foose and Chip’s father (Sam).

Enjoy the Video!

37 Responses to “Christopher Titus Foose 56′ Chevy”

  1. Tom says:

    Sweet shift knob.

  2. Cool Hand Nuke says:

    I seem to remember this car being built on a Foose show a few years back. RIDES maybe? What a sweet looking 56′. I faintly remember Titus bringing it up during the radio show days, but it’s nice to see this car resurface and covered on carcast.

  3. dt says:

    Titus: Cool. Carolla: Tool.

  4. Mack says:

    Seriously Adam? Great show but how can you wear a striped shirt and plaid shorts? If you are going to start including video at least dress like an adult or like you turned the lamp on before sneaking out of your one girlfriend’s bedroom

    • F-U says:

      Who the hell cares what he’s wearing look at the car you homo, I have to stop reading comments to many assholes in the world

  5. Kevin says:

    Did you SEE how easily that door closed? Minor thing, but major to me.

  6. Chance says:

    Just a minor suggestion. There is NO REASON to focus on Adam and his guest while they are talking. PLEASE show what they are describing. We didn’t get a look at the taillights, the gascap, the inside of the car, the engine the rims, the details, anything, just a bunch of long shots of Adam and Chris talking while Chris pointed. We see the engine cover, but can’t really tell what it looks like?

    Adam, you keep saying bandwidth is expensive. DON’T WASTE IT!! There was really no value added from the video above what I heard in the original podcast.

    SHOW US THE CARS!! The videos are pointless if all we see is Adam and the guest talking.

    • JWD says:

      You are a douche. this is free stop complaining

      • Anony Mous says:

        Well he(i can only assume), does make some good points. He could have done it with more tact than that but still. Besides this is only the first of many such podcast’s/video’s. It will take time to get it right. I mean really no one hits a home run the first time around.

        But yes please put the camera on a tripod. For the long shots when the camera isn’t moving for those who get sea sick easy. Eh for me it was just slightly distracting to have the camera wobble. Though even with the wobble it was still pretty dam good for someone without a tripod.

        Now while I can see what he is saying about the details and more on the car. It really isn’t as bad as he made it out to be. Really the only thing you missed in great detail is the gear shift nob. For the most part you got decent shots of the pieces of the car that were described. However I assume in future episodes they will improve the camera work to show more up close shots of each thing as described.

        So all and all it was a really good first try. I mean really for being basic amateurs when it comes to video and camera work. It was really well shot. However as previously mentioned. It seemed to be more shot in a TV style rather than a Gear Head style. IN which the camera was focused on the car as much if not slightly less than the hosts themselves. Which I am sure will be changed in future episodes.

        Lastly I do think this video is being hosted by someone else. I doubt highly that the video above is being hosted on Adam’s bandwidth. Because if it is then that bill will be astronomical assuming as many people who listen to the “regular” podcast watch this video. So I assume it is being hosted by something like Youtube or Dailymotion. Which also says to why the video quality is not as great as it could be. Since sites like those tend to dramatically reduce the video quality to keep there own costs down.

        Also to mention as the person above me has. This is free so one should take a much nicer tone when making such statements. Just remember two things when posting comments. One being you are never truly anonymous on the internet, and two don’t be an ass just because you think you are anonymous. One should always strive to be polite when dealing with people, even on the internet.

        • chance says:

          Woah, guys! Read my post again. I’m trying to make this better! I love the carcast. You shouldn’t read my post in any way other than an encouraging push forward.

  7. Isaac says:

    What a fantastic car. Nice taste Titus

  8. Ian says:

    Loved this one! Titus and Carolla really grew up in the gearhead scene. I used to work with my Dad on VW restorations, and we ALWAYS cleaned the parts in a bin filled with gasoline…haha. I wonder if that will have an effect later in life…

    I have a 1965 Karmann Ghia convertible that I restored many years ago, it is in need of some TLC and hopefully I get a chance and the money to do so soon. The Karmann Ghia body and the Alfa Giulietta do look a lot alike, but I think the Ghia has the better styling, customization sources, and history.

    • Mark says:

      My uncle had me wading through paint thinner, not gasoline. And this was like 3 years ago, not even that far in the past.

  9. Koolhed says:

    First time listener to Carcast… I’m hooked!

    G E T I T O N

  10. Jim Aust says:

    Hey, I used to work with Chris on the same car magazine. Great guy, good to see he still enjoys the ’56. If either of you ever want to talk hot rods please come visit me at my SO-CAL Speed Shop Los Angeles. Been an Ace Man fan FOREVER- years before I knew he was a car guy. Heard him mention on Love Line he had been at the Pomona Swap Meet and knew INSTANTLY he was one of us! BONUS! We live hot rods & classics 24/7 so hit me up if you ever want to see some amazing cars in the South Bay/Redondo Beach area. Thanks Jim Aust- SO-CAL Speed Shop Los Angeles President (562/983-3741)

  11. EKSmith says:

    Hi! I’m trying to get Christopher Titus’ attention! I have written a funny book called Ridin’ Around. It features hot rod cars, wild chases, coeds, and shenanigans galore. I am in need of a sponsor to help get it published and marketed. I thought a funny guy who loves cars and craziness might be interested. So, if so, please contact me. Thanks.

  12. Greg says:

    Adam – don’t wear those shorts outside where there are people.

  13. craig isobe says:

    chip foose can do no wrong. Also wouldn’t you want your ride built by employees that are happy, and not constantly being screamed at by your boss? Boyd had his days at the top of the podium, now it’s chip’s turn and rightly so. right now there is no one better than chip. chip’s success also put the golden tasle on students from art center’s school of automotive design. they have and still do today create most of the best sheet metal designers in the country/world, what an alumni. so, without question, chips the MAN right now. in fact boyd should be thanking chip for all he contributed to boyd’s shop, otherwise i suggest boyd should grab an air brush and stand opposed.

  14. Mrs O says:

    Sorry if this is a little off topic but I really need to say something about the F word, fundamentalist “faith” I believe is the modern face of fascism! I don’t believe in the existence of a God who is sexist, racist, or homophobic.

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