Christopher Titus

Christopher Titus

Ace and comedian Christopher Titus discuss who builds a better sport car, the Europeans or the Americans. Titus also tells us about how he wrecked his Viper, and of course Ace and the Professor take Skype Calls and talk about investor cars. Then we take a trip down memory lane in Cheryl Hines’ very first car.

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  1. clem says:

    Just a friendly helpful hint, links to download the carcast need to be on the front page with a few extra links below it for previous shows. Your website looks great but design is a little less than functional.
    I love the show btw.

    • CarCast says:

      The CarCast Crew feels your pain, well not really :) but we do care to make it easier. Check out the page below OR look up in the MAIN menu and you will see a *NEW* menu item called ‘Download’.

      Here is the direct link

  2. IaninMN says:

    I would also agree with the above statement, it took me a little bit to find the download link. The play it now links are well represented but the dl link could be a little more prevalent. Thanks Ace, weez and ganz. Love having some new stuff to listen to on the weekend.

  3. Kyle says:

    Per the comments above, I get the full audio through iTunes but come here to see the relevant video for each episode. I’ve been looking for five minutes… can’t find it. Maybe there isn’t a video for this episode. The site looks cool, but it’s a little too feature ridden and not easy to navigate. I think it would help if all contents for each episode were in one place. Just a little constructive criticism. Thanks for everything. Love it all.

    • CarCast says:

      No video for this post. Just the CarCast audio. The video in in the other sections. We are still getting things going and as soon as we get a regular flow we likely will have video for all.

  4. Chris says:

    Great show, it is nice to have something for the weekend drive, keep them coming.

    Saw a great review at NY


  5. Mark says:

    Awesome carcast. When Adam mentioned the E30 M3 I lit up, I have an E30 325is and it is my pride and joy. Those are amazing little cars and the M3 dominated European races when it first came on the scene.

    • FASTER345 says:

      Agreed about the E30 M3. I bought mine fresh from the dealer in 1990, it has 37K and is sitting under a car cover in the (temp controlled) garage next to my 10 year old S2000 with 7K. A couple of garage queens? Well, yes. But also the kid’s college fund that I can enjoy for many years to come. Good call Ace!

  6. Spike 415 says:

    I think the Giuletta was available with Webers, also I think it is a 2-valve head. Stock it sported a single Solex! Agreat looking car but way to slow!

    • CarCast says:

      Your right, 2 valve heads. I still like the looks of the motor and car, but would have to do something about the performance :) Thanks for the correction.

  7. THE GOOD OL' DAYS says:

    Hi, Carcast!
    Love the work you’ve done thus far! Especially appreciate when anyone has personal stories or insights about the cruising/street racing scene in SoCal during the 80’s as i was too young to drive then.
    There was so much variety: Pro-Street cars, Kit Cars, Cal-Look VWs, wide body euro-racers, Bosozoku racers, ETC….nowadays it’s just Rapper rides & FWD hovercrafts out there (sorry…TANGENT).
    Just wanted to recommend some source material to help with the Carcast:
    A bunch of car photographers and journalists have been doing this blog,””. It’s well-rounded and covers all manner of cars all over the world and I believe you’ll find it interesting.
    Could’nt hoyt, right?

  8. Gus says:

    Excellent show, and I agree 100% about the lack of crazy “wrenchers” these days. I think one of the reasons is the way you modify a modern car. Having realized a childhood dream, I have a C6 Z06; The car is fast, but, being a gearhead I’m wasn’t satisfied so I looked into things I could do to give it a little more punch. The things you can do in your own garage basically boil down to a cold air intake and an exhaust system. After that, it’s off to the tuner for a computer tune and a dyno run. Some guys try this with laptops and test runs up and down their street, but I think I’ll let the trained professionals mess with the code on my sports car. it’s a long way from an old camaro and a dwell meter!
    Also, you hit it right on the head with the crazy mods some guys do to personalize their cars. They can’t actually make them go faster, so they CHROME EVERYTHING. Some of the Corvettes in my club are monstrosities, but the owners are doing what they feel they can to personalize their ride.
    Please keep the podcasts coming!

  9. Alfista says:

    Sadly, Alfa Romeos never get put back together correctly. That “1300cc” engine picture has either a 1750cc or a 2000cc head on it, you can tell by the two bolts on the front of the valve cover.

  10. Love the show! I listened while wrenching on my ’64 Porsche 356, a perfect car for tinkerers. Keep up the good work!!

  11. ibchallenged (Bill) says:

    I love 100% of the stuff Adam does and the the only thing that ever came close to the podcast was Love Line. The podcast, in my humble opinion, is Adam Carolla at his best… unrestricted and uncensored!

    As for Titus… I loved his TV show and love his rants but it was really nice to hear unrehearsed stuff from him. He is a truly funny comedian and enjoyed him on this podcast more than anything I’ve ever seen him do!

    Awesome guys!

  12. Hoping you check out some of my car photos at lots of American stuff and of course British stuff you’re welcome to use for the site anytime. (the photo of the 63 split window is seriously lame)

    much better one.

    And a real Tiger motor.



  13. Thank you for answering my questions last week. I have another one! Since this new media stuff (podcasting) is very portable would you consider taking the podcast on vacation? travel up North to say….. the Olympic Peninsula? we are very family friendly, and have some amazing driving roads (as does Vancouver Island)

    Think about it.

    And Email me if you need a guide.

    The LeMay museum in Tacoma is something to behold as well, more than worthy of a stop (largest private car collection in the country)


  14. Kip Amore says:

    Good Carcast this week: you guys are batting 2 and 0!

    I really like the future collectibles section alot. I’ll never be able to afford that kind of car, but it sates my desire to aquire knowledge for the sake of knowledge. You guys need to gaze into the crystal ball a little harder – the future of valuable cars will be the cars of today because believe it or not we are living in a golden age. The last dying days of a golden age to be more accurate. I predict that much like my generation is crazy for pre-1975 musclecars and big old boats, 20 years from now when everyone is forced to drive an electric Tercel the hot buys will be gigantic SUVs from the 2000s. The bigger and more gas guzzing the better. There are some low production SUVs out there, but the Escalades, Armadas, Hummers, Excursions etc will command top dollar. The Porsche, Benz ML, and even the BMW tractors will be hot too. That Lambo beast will be the Hemi Cuda of the future. These dinosaurs will be looked upon like we look upon cars with tail fins! It will be a badge of honor among the young punks to get 8mpg.

  15. Ian says:

    Loved this one! Titus and Carolla really grew up in the gearhead scene. I used to work with my Dad on VW restorations, and we ALWAYS cleaned the parts in a bin filled with gasoline…haha. I wonder if that will have an effect later in life…

    I have a 1965 Karmann Ghia convertible that I restored many years ago, it is in need of some TLC and hopefully I get a chance and the money to do so soon. The Karmann Ghia body and the Alfa Giulietta do look a lot alike, but I think the Ghia has the better styling, customization sources, and history.

    You need to put up a picture of a 60s era Karmann Ghia convertible!

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