Jimmy Kimmel’s First Car


Jimmy Kimmel’s First Car

Jimmy was lucky enough to have picked up an Isuzu I-Mark as his first real ride. As the story goes it was picked up on a twofer deal by Jimmy’s father. A beauty to behold. Watch the narrated slide show below.

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  1. MaCs says:

    Mercury Lynx is about the same

  2. David says:

    I once had, essentially, the same car. It was a Chevy Spectrum, which was an I-Mark with the Chevy label slapped on it. It had a trunk, not the hatchback version. Not bad really. Not great either.

  3. Andrew P says:

    I’ve heard you mention that Kimmel used to tool around in a beat up RX7 back in the day. Just curious what year, as I am a rotorhead myself. Put up a picture of it!

  4. Sean says:

    RX7 was an 81 as mentioned in the slideshow above

  5. Buddy says:

    What did the Korean man say when his kid fell into the gorilla cage? Isuzu.

  6. Ace I never knew you owned an Isuzu Trooper at one point. My first car was a 5 speed 4 wheel drive 1989 Isuzu Trooper that was a hand me down from my step dad my senior year of high school in 2001. The fact that it was 4 wheel drive was a big mistake because I tore that thing up driving off road but it was fun while it lasted. I probably drove more miles in dirt than on actual pavement and I even lost my virginity in the back of that car on a dirt trail. Not the best or most attractive SUV by any means but it could hold it’s own off road.

  7. Ali says:

    Ha, my buddy’s first car was an ’89 I-Mark. Man, did we beat the ever-loving fuck out of that thing. One night he got the great idea to rip up and down the halls of Glendora High School in the middle of the night. When he encountered the night watchmen, he made a run for it and made a clean getaway, but like every idiot criminal, he returned to the scene of the crime a couple hours later. Upon encountering the same night watchmen, he made a break for his previous escape route, but found that they’d locked the gate that was open earlier. After a second of hesitation, he gunned it up the steep parking lot and WHAMMO! — busted right through that thing like Steve fuckin’ McQueen and sailed halfway across Foothill Blvd before the rubber made contact with the road. Finally figuring out that he had used up all his good luck, he then hightailed it home. Best part was, they never caught him. He drove that thing to school every day and those idiots were never astute enough to deduce that the only brand new white I-Mark with serious hood/bumper damage in the parking lot might have been the same one that plowed through the fence that night.

  8. Theo says:

    My first car was a white 84′ Trans Am. My stepdad bought it new and had some sort of high performance computer chip in it to make it run like a beast. I bought it from him when i was 17 for $800… and drove it like a maniac for about 5 years before i finally killed it… it had a broken motor mount or two and when you would rev it up the engine would hit the hood, eventually it broke free from the remaining motor mount(s) and it dropped the engine while i was going 45mph down the road… I had her towed home and ended up selling it to some redneck dude for $500.

  9. Jason Brown says:

    Was this I-Mark the model that’s underpinnings were done by Lotus? I had a Isuzu Impulse in high school that handled well, but was so god damned gutless that it had a hard time getting out of its own way. This car replaced my first car which was a ’74 Dodge Dart ‘Swinger’ with the 318CI V8. I actually miss that car and I wish I sank the purchase price of the Isuzu into the ‘Swinger’. I could have actually had a nice car…

  10. TexasRob says:

    Ace, my first car was a ’95 Isuzu Hombre. That translates into the “Isuzu Man” I felt nothing like a Man in my 4-speed 2.2 liter but burning up 2 clucthes in 4 years was well worth it.

  11. What ever happened to “Joe Isuzu”?

    Joie Chitwood would be proud.

    • Slayer says:

      Your name is funny (and gross), but you spelled it wrong. It’s CARBUNCLE.

      Shit, man. Step it up. This is a Carolla project.

  12. Lance Carbuncle says:

    A friend and myself came up with that name over a year ago while heading up to Big Bear, we use it all the time. That guy is a thief wannabe.

  13. Chuck says:

    My first car was an i mark lol. it was by no means gutless though. it had the lotus suspension and a custom twin turbo setup allowing it to run low 10’s in a 1/4 mile drag race (for those of you who don’t know, THATS GOOD).

  14. j says:

    first two imark pictures on that video is my actual car……where’d they get that?

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