Michael Ian Black’s First Car

Michael Ian Black’s First Car

Comedian Michael Ian Blacks First Ride, the 1986 Hyundai #!@%box


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  1. Rollie says:

    Figures a fucking fag like M.I. would drive a S-box like that.

  2. layne25348 says:

    hey rollie u better not let the “enforcer” catch you going across the middle

  3. Mike says:

    No doubt that car is a piece of sh*t, but they’ve come along way. The Genesis is far from Michael Ian Blacks first car, for pretty little money. I bet there’s some guy racing 350Z’s in a excel with a early acura motor and trans in it…Ha!

  4. DzynOne says:

    I had one of these. When you’re 17, broke and in high school It’s not such a P.O.S.

    P.S. Michael Ian is funny.

    • No I’m pretty sure it’s still a piece of Shhh. lol I used to think Michael Ian Black was ok, but then I heard him sort of talkin smack about Ace the other night on Loveline with Dr.Drew. He was saying something about when he and Adam were both in the running for the job as host of what’s now called the Craig Fergasen show. He was saying Adam’s account of what happened was wrong and that, “Carolla has no credibility.” That’s fine but what’s lame is that Adam and Michael were talking about the exact same story in Adam’s podcast and the dude was agreeing with Adam the whole time. I think he’s a phony.

  5. Karl Childers says:

    The Bible says two men ought not lay together in a 1986 Hyundai Excel. mmmm

  6. Pimpken says:

    Me, Rodney King, and Michael Ian Black were former Hyandai drivers. What a shame!

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