Adam’s Ferrari 1966 V12 GT330 2+2


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Adam’s Ferrari 1966 V12 GT330 2+2

We take a look at Adam’s Ferrari 1966 V12 GT330 2+2. This model was produced from 1964-1967. Performance from the 4L V12 Engine reaches the 300Hp mark, and yes we actually fire it up. Enjoy.

28 Responses to “Adam’s Ferrari 1966 V12 GT330 2+2”

  1. chu says:

    oh yes… you finally turned on your cars …

  2. Ceramics Major says:

    get it on!

  3. Jim says:

    Love the carcast, but we need less ‘looks’ and more ‘performance’
    I feel like this segment is always about what the car looks like more than the car itself.

  4. drew says:

    yeah get it on!

  5. Chad says:

    Got it on.

  6. Matt says:

    I think I have wood.

  7. Randy says:

    Aceman…Big Fan.
    Uh, between the Ferrari video and the Lamborghini video, can you reshoot those with additional lighting ?
    Not criticizing, just an observation.
    Did I say Big Fan ?

  8. Michael says:

    Adam, you should check out the 1966 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider. 1600cc DOHC all-aluminum 4-cylinder engine, 5-speed manual gearbox, Pininfarina coachwork… another Italian beauty that the DOT would never allow today. Strangely enough, Alfa Romeo made the Spider until 1994 without a major redesign (other than squaring off the tail in 1971 for better aerodynamics). It’s an interesting case study to see that model evolve with the DOT regulations; losing it’s elegance and gaining more ugly plastic as the model years increase.

    Love the podcast, keep getting it on.

    Also, did anyone else notice what looked like police lights reflecting in the front bumper at the beginning of the video? Weird.

  9. hector says:

    webmaster – spellcheck – “Ferarri 1966 V12 GT330 2+2″ from the pic – *ferrari*

    • CarCast says:

      Done, good catch I was rushed to get out for some beer before the bar closed ;). I’m sure you will find others but keep them coming and I’ll fix them up.


  10. Josh says:

    Adam, long time listener, first time poster. Beautiful car. Those Orange filters really don’t help the otherwise pristine engine bay. Even a quick shot of black spray paint would really clean up the look.

  11. JelloSaurus says:

    Hey there Ace and The Don, Please get your Cars into the sunlight.
    This inside segments with poor lighting are terrible, as witnessed by Jay’s overly polished Corvette (I have never seen such a fantastic shimmer from a car before)
    Keep the the good times flowing,
    ohh and best wishes from Iceland, take care

  12. Mike B says:


    How about some more close ups of the engine when he is describing the parts, cams, details, etc.

    All we see is two dudes talking in a garage.

    Love all this stuff, podcast, carcast!!

    Maybe you can start a home improvement/fix it mr berchum style “cast” where the Ace Man has celebrity fix its or ad-ons or that type of stuff. Like the Adam Carolla Project in a podcast?

    Whatever!! Keep up the good work!!

  13. oooh.. is that the head of a lift there on the floor in front of you?

    When you’re done outlining the cars in the collection perhaps a virtual tour of the “garage mahal” is in order!

    BTW: Love the 330, and have seen many of them myself at vintage car events. Would love to hear more subjective data about the subject car’s handling and performance.

    –chuck goolsbee
    65ots, 1E10715
    arlington, wa, usa

  14. Broseph says:

    Is this by chance the Ferrari who’s late arrival led to the birth of What Can’t Adam Complain About? What a piece of history! :)

  15. PDM says:

    Holy S I dig this ride. Nice work as always.

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