CarCast Pebble Beach Road Trip *NEW VIDEOS*


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CarCast Pebble Beach Road Trip *NEW VIDEOS*

Adam, Sandy, Don and David hit the road for Pebble Beach and the Monterey Historics. This is just the audio section, we will have more of this even shortly. The show starts with the drive up and a variety of guests including Pete Brock of BRE fame. We catch up with some folks from the Peterson Automotive museum and chat about Elvis Pressley’s shot up Pantera. All good times, and lets not forget the delicious cheese and wine…

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Some Images from the weekend…

Pebble Beach Part 1

Pebble Beach Part 2

Pebble Beach Part 3

57 Responses to “CarCast Pebble Beach Road Trip *NEW VIDEOS*”

  1. Spike 415 says:

    Where’s the pontoon Ferrari?

  2. Listen, I’d prefer it to be perfect too. But this is guerilla-style out-of-pocket passion play pirate podcasting. I’m just happy to be a swill-sipping fly on the wall. I’ll never get the chance to hang with these guys at events like these. I love the pics and wait for the vids.

    One thing’s for sure, Ace must do a full show with Pete. And one of you guys has to properly prep Ace for the in-depth interview. ASAP

    Thanks for the ride!


  3. Clay says:

    where’s the video?

  4. Lew says:

    I was just wondering when Pebble Beach would occur…and there you go. Some day I’ll go. Great show! Great segments with some insiders and drivers.

    I stumbled upon some great pics of great cars: For your viewing pleasure, visit “EB Photography’s” Flickr web album of modern supercars in their element…..

  5. Joe says:

    Fantastic slideshow. I was glued to my computer watching. Thanks for the trip.

  6. Cavy95 says:

    Hey Donny,

    I tried following the audio with the prictures but couldn’t they don’t corrispond. Would be great next year if you could match the padcast with the pictures that where taken. I am going to try to get to that even next year. Thanks for sharing!

  7. matthew says:

    which is the 1150hp porsche?

  8. Brandon says:

    Hey Guys,
    Loved the last podcast. It was like a more subdued Fear and Loathing’ where I imagined Adam & Crew winding further into a hole of drunken stupor. Sure don’t know that it was intended, but that’s how I took it. Adding to it was the quality of the audio, which only perfected the acid trip.

  9. sonny says:

    Adam- I listen to your podcast every day. The pebble beach podcast was nicely done brotha. Pete Brock-being a 510 owner, I enjoyed his interview the most! Thanks- good times

  10. Scott from Cape Cod says:

    Elvis shooting the car had me cracking up on my way to work this morning, Thanks Donny and Adam. I hope everyone is sending a few clams to Bald Bryan…..he is a good dude.

  11. dude says:

    this was sick. love the videos

  12. Steve H. from sac ca says:

    videos are f-ing awesome. more vids would be nice
    Thanks Adam and you too Donny!!!

  13. michael says:

    i’ve been checking all week for the vids…wonderful…!

    keep it up fellows…

  14. Clayton says:

    I am glad you guys are putting all this work into this. The videos are GREAT! I am telling friends of this, trying to increase eyeballs on site.

    You all are invited to attend the Seattle version Sept. 6th

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