Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard

Ace and Actor/Comedian Dax Shepard chat about his tricked out Protouring Lincoln Continental, and lets not forget his bikes. Dax’s brings in his Ducati and gives us a peek. Ace and Professor Ganz talk investment cars. Then a peek at Adam’s 1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2. Yes, we do fire the V12 up for you for your enjoyment, and finally we wrap it up with Ralph Garman’s First Car.

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Quick Link to Dax’s Bike Video
Quick Link to Ralph Garman
Quick Link to Adam’s 330 GT 2+2

28 Responses to “Dax Shepard”

  1. Brad says:

    Love to see the Lincoln! I have a 64″ PLEASE!

  2. scott says:

    Don’t like the slide show format for the cars talked about in the show. Miss the labels from previous shows.

    LOVE THIS SHOW! Great idea.
    Get it on, Ace.


  3. Rushforth says:

    Get it on! Love the show and the format! Can’t wait to hear what guests you have next. Those pussies at NBC should run this but that’s obviously unlikely considering they passed on Top Gear but have “Howie do it”. WTF????

    BTW, The Boxster name is a play on the Boxer motor and the Roadster bodystyle.

    Get it on!


  4. Phil says:

    Donny, how about you showcase one of your TACO mini bikes?!

  5. you should buy a KTM rc125 for sonny!
    1 of 24 2008 grand prix race bike for just $14K!
    only 45 HP so he can actually ride it!
    KTMs legit. their superbikes poised to dethrone the ducati 1098! ask dax.

  6. tracy says:

    It takes two Hemis to make a hottie!!! (What?) I’m just saying they’re both hot.

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