Steve Strope

Steve Strope

Adam and Steve Strope of Pure Vision Design chat about some of Steve’s masterpiece creations. Steve is one of a hand full of premier designers that are building cars that are in a class by themselves. Steve’s accomplishments include recipient of Hot Rod Magazines Top Ten Cars of the Year award 3 times, and building some of the finest muscle cars you will likely see.

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Quick Link to Steve’s Petrol Charger
Quick Link to Eric Stromer’s First Car
Quick Link to Adam’s 350GT Lamborghini

32 Responses to “Steve Strope”

  1. MaxAttak says:

    I look at that Corvette but I don’t see any nude pictures of Annie Potts. Fix it. Now.

  2. Seattle Rob says:

    Really great podcast. Have enjoyed them all. Keep’em coming! And another message to all the fat cats in Hollywood.. Get Adam on Top Gear USA, you a-holes!

  3. Memphis says:

    The pro touring scene is being invaded with ricers, so many concerned with billet hood hinges, billet gas caps and $300 lugnuts.

  4. douche du jour says:

    love the carrera rs. didn’t know adam had one. one of my fav’s of all time.

  5. JewHunter - Inglorious says:

    Someone, please, help me understand why anyone would spend this much money on to get this type of product, or why anyone would put this much effort in trying to provide feedback.

    1. +1 year of labor for a car that is a PITA to open the hood and has a 4′ shit lever? Are you kidding, a ’09 CTS-V pulls 3.9 0-60, laps the ring in less an 8 secs has sat-nav and my wife can drive it for less than 60k out the door plus a warantee.
    2. Christ, its easier to tell my mother that her Sunday dinner tasts like shit than it is to leave feedback for carcast. For God Sakes, I love to listen to Adam (well, except for his f’ng Pop-Warner Football rants – grow the f’up) but, for Holy Christ Sakes 6 clicks to get here – FFFFFFF

    • CarCast says:

      What difficulty did you have providing feedback? Site is slow be we are in process in moving off the current hosting provider. Click on ‘Reply’ type? Or do you see something else that is causing a problem?

  6. franny says:

    goddam that corvete is wack.. whatre those box chevy lights.. eww love that one 77 though, cant wait to never see one in my entire life. i wanna see the xjr vents the pictures are prolly here but im lazy.. shut up up there , 6 clicks? who cares.. great cast as always aceman

  7. franny says:

    ay big ups to donny. rip dj am.. woot

  8. franny says:

    oh yea talk about some 240z’s, thats my car.. their the es..

  9. franny says:

    i can argue with that corvette, watch. timeless styling..? nah.. see

  10. franny says:

    theres a 77 6.9 mercedes for sale in the bay area, id buy it but i wouldnt have a clue what to do with it..

    heres a cool article i found on it..

    seems like a really nice choice professor

    • CarCast says:

      The 6.9 is a really cool car. Just some odd stuff about it that could make it a bit expensive to fix, but that’s all cars these days. I always thought of this car as the Big Block’s of German Cars.

      BTW I’m not ‘allowed’ to have any more cars until I finish off my own projects which seem never ending.

      Sandy (The Professor)

  11. franny says:

    goddam i love this shit

  12. Mark says:

    “@ACPCarCast can’t call. Would like to hear Adam and sandy talk about all these retro muscle cars. New challenger, camaro, ford gt+ so on”

    I sent this a few days before the podcast. I think I should get producer credit. Another awesome show.

  13. Mark says:

    Oh and in Corvette Summer I remember a part where some chick was saying guess what I got on underneath this shirt and Mark Hamill said “i dunno” and then she said “nothing” and then my mom turned the T.V. off because I was 9. Later on in life I got to see some real boobs though so that’ll lern her.

  14. carbon fiber diet says:

    Thank You for doing this podcast every week. I appreciate the subject matter.
    Here’s the thing though: not every gearhead is fixated with old american muscle cars (or fwd econo – rockets for that matter).
    It’s like having a friend that’s listening to the same type of music everytime you visit them.
    Eventually 2 – Pac pops 1 cap too many and you stop coming.

  15. ed says:

    One of the best ones gj Adam

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