Steve Strope’s Petrol Charger


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Steve Strope’s Petrol Charger

Well here it is, this is one of the baddest Dodge (as in you will want to put this Dodge in your garage) Chargers you will find. From it massive dual quad Hemi to the gigantic barrel sized tires in a style that has a European flavor built upon this brutal American muscle car.

Adam and Steve do a tour of the ‘Petrol Charger’, and maybe we start it up… You can check out Steve’s site at where he has many other fantastic cars.

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53 Responses to “Steve Strope’s Petrol Charger”

  1. 4thGenerationBuck says:

    Are 240z’s played out?
    I’ve always really liked them but I get the feeling that they may be overdone.
    Any thoughts?

    • CarCast says:

      I don’t think the 240z has been played out by a long shot. Adam has a 240z that I want him to get back into, it has some nice components but has been sitting for many many years. Good track car. I was trying to get him to do the BRE treatment to it as that is hot looking ‘Z’ Also I don’t think Les (Classic Datsun) could take on yet one more of Adam’s projects ;)

  2. 4thGenerationBuck says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to add Love the podcasst and carcast. You’re doing great work Adam.

  3. AcofSpades says:

    I Run an early 260z and Would love to hear what adam has to say about Z’s
    I would Also love to work on the show . Its like adam knows every thing i’m thinking!
    Wish I could get a call in about early z’s

  4. ASmith says:

    300zx is the greatest car ever… i’m not hip to earlier models, though.

  5. damien says:

    i’m simply in love with that car…

  6. HondaFanattic says:

    Love the podcast. The Petrol Charger sounded excellent in my car with the stereo turned up.

    I wonder what the CarCast crew thinks of the Honda S2000 and NSX sports cars now that they are discontinued and can be found used for a decent price.

    • CarCast says:

      I can say that I for one love both the S2K and the NSX. I was always a bit bummed for the NSX as they never got the needed HP to make them more credible. I think the NSX was always a bit under rated as a high end sports car mainly due to the low HP numbers they had. At some point you just can’t make it lighter and need the juice. Adam is aligned with these thoughts as well, great car just needs some HP. I would say both are future Investment Cars on the show but don’t tell Adam or he will take my choices ;)


  7. Fred Sanford says:

    Wow, that orange stripe thingy looks like that man-thong thing that Borat wore.

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