Steve Strope’s Petrol Charger


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Steve Strope’s Petrol Charger

Well here it is, this is one of the baddest Dodge (as in you will want to put this Dodge in your garage) Chargers you will find. From it massive dual quad Hemi to the gigantic barrel sized tires in a style that has a European flavor built upon this brutal American muscle car.

Adam and Steve do a tour of the ‘Petrol Charger’, and maybe we start it up… You can check out Steve’s site at where he has many other fantastic cars.

Quick Link to Steve Strope
Quick Link to Eric Stromer’s First Car
Quick Link to Adam’s 350GT Lamborghini

53 Responses to “Steve Strope’s Petrol Charger”

  1. Dave says:

    Video and audio works great! Great Car Cast, beautifull Charger. Good editing Donny !!!

  2. Peter says:

    Wish Adam was more into American Muscle on a personal level and not so European influanced….but to each his own.

    • JS says:

      I’m more of a European car fan myself, and while I can appreciate American muscle, but I feel like there’s so much American car media that focuses on that topic exclusively that it’s nice to see CarCast brings in the European elements as well.

      • CarCast says:

        Don’t worry about the selection cars. We are going to try to make sure that we have a good selection of cars. Me and the Weez are representing the muscle car :) But when all said and done if it runs on gasoline you hopefully will see it here. We have some good stuff coming and we hope you continue to enjoy the mix.


        • dmc says:

          I’d like to see some crazy & whacky stuff come through the CarCast, like red necks with modded John Deere riding mowers, or shifter carts with motorcycle engines, Smart cars with Hyabusa motors…heck even the Oscar Meyer Mobile!

          How about a listeners corral where we can bring our cars and have Adam talk S about them?

  3. LEM617 says:

    Mmmmm excellent episode. Small request, can you publish an un-blocked picture as well? Thank you, very much.

    • CarCast says:

      Not sure what you mean by unblocked? Do you mean ones that are not in a popup or slide show? You can RIGHT click on the pictures after clicking on them to view. And then save.

      Also Steve’s site has a lot of pictures specifically for the Petrol Charger at


    • CarCast says:

      Ahh, I think you mean the Broken (X) link in the photos. We are just in the process of moving the website and that is what you might be seing. Hopefully the problem is gone now (Friday afternoon). We just moved our hosting so the site should be 0-60 quicker then the old. Same for the regular ACP site. Hopefully it’s all going to be good ;)


  4. crash says:

    i agree with dmc . do somthing different and fun . i wish we all had bmws , porsches , lambos , hemi chargers. its just kinda boring hearing about the mega buck stuff . id rather hear about the truck you drove in the hammer . should of left the pick in the door for the rest of the movie btw.

  5. Jason says:

    HeyAdam, and Ganz.. what do you guys think of the Karmhan Ghia?

    • CarCast says:

      The Karmhan Ghia has come up in discussion several times, specifically for inclusion in Investment Cars. I honestly can’t remember why I dropped it off my list but it was one that was on as a good one to get. I’ll have to put it in and see what Ace has to say ;)


  6. silverlake_dirtclod says:

    Damn Donny, you’re getting good…. those angles are what we call SATISFYING. Great edits. Great choices. I heard the audio… and went back to watch your video… and it made all the difference.

  7. wuzaracer says:

    I hear many things about Japanese cars. I hope to see/hear some in depth stuff about some of the classic Japanese machines like the Old HakoSuka – Box Skylines, 510 (Bluebird) and other classic Japanese machinery.

  8. Teo says:


    If you have to be in the picture make it a policy to STAND BEHIND THE RIDE!


    I say that out of man-love for you both.

    Sincerely, Teo (pronounced T.O.)

  9. jwagner354 says:

    Adam, Donny, Cioffi … I love CarCast. I love how you give us pics to go along with the cast, but I would love to see this turn into a Video podcast. This absolutely lends itself to that format. Anyway, i can’t get enough and love the different segments.

  10. bthorp says:

    I love how is idea of “a little mellow” seems to be that the car idles without your foot on the gas. That engine sounds awesome with just the right amount of lope in the cam.

    I wish I could afford a Stroupe creation. This, and all his cars, are incredible.

  11. kurt says:

    Again, thanks for the show.

    I have to defy you though ,Aceman, there’s no “original sin” when it comes to the retro phenomenon. Didn’t this start as much with the VW Bug and the Mini as Chargers, Mustangs, Camaro, etc.? Indeed, such euro products as the Saab and 911 are sort of a state of permanent retro. It’s global. It’s generational. The same money that pays for a $300 Rolling Stones ticket buys these cars. It’s a deadly combination of money, and memories (is your Pantera really that different?) Sometimes the car is the story of the continent: Ferrari has always been the pride of post-war europe.

    I like the stuff personally. Best thing is it brings us back to designing american cars for americans. No lexus-lights in that new Camaro–and who wants it first? the chinese (obsessed with the bumble-bee and the AAArabs. Build a quality car on your own terms and they will come. Go figure.

  12. NovaRob says:

    What a GREAT sounding car!! Thanks for the audio!!!!

  13. bluealien says:

    Video doesn’t work anymore ???

  14. Drunken Bastard says:

    how come the speedometer needle moves when he is revving the engine?

    • 3Pete says:

      Speaking as a Pure Vision employee, that little problem is actually a result of a bad diode in the alternator that was discovered while detailing the car for the podcast and we didn’t have time to fix it before heading over. Good eyes! You might have also noticed that the Tach was reading 3 grand at idle…… same problem.

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