Doug Benson’s First Car


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Doug Benson’s First Car

Adam and comedian Doug Benson chat about his 1970 Ford Country Squire wagon. Enjoy.

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6 Responses to “Doug Benson’s First Car”

  1. Mahar says:

    You are truly the commander of the vehicle, when the radio buttons are on the far left side of the dash.

  2. Supertzar says:

    We had one similar when I was a kid. It always smelled like rust on the back.

  3. Rollie says:

    My parents had the ’77 version of the Country Squire in red with the 400 motor, had a few wild times driving that car when I was 16. One was when I was driving the car in a funeral procession for a fellow classmate and friend who was killed by a drunk driver. I had my friends Mark and Steve in the car with me. Almost every chance I got I was doing mini burnouts in the Rec Country Squire while driving in the procession. Steve was getting all pissed off and kept punching me in the arm, fuck that guy!!! BTW, Mark who was even closer friends and neighbors with the deceased thought the burnouts were fun.

  4. Rollie says:

    My 1st car (that I bought when I was 14) was the ’68 Barracuda with L-60’s on the rear. Went to take my driver license test with my own car and right away I could tell the asshole state tester was pissed off about me and the car. Pulling out of the lot he told me to make dangerous move (cut across 3 lanes to get in the left turn lane, all within ~25 yards) then when I did he started screaming at me that I could of killed the both of us. He flunked me of course and I had to wait 2 weeks to retake the test. After 2 weeks I went to retake the test in a nearby small town (where everyone waves at each other) in the ’77 Country Squire. Tester was cool and yes, he was waving at everyone when we passed by. I got a 98 on the driving test with points off
    for not completely parallel parking the Red Beast.

  5. Hobbs says:

    Growing up, these were the only thing my mom would drive! her theory was that “no cop is going to pull over a mom driving a station wagon”. she said this to me many times as she was rocking out to KZAP and smoking a joing doing 90mph plus on the 99-Hobbs

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