Gale Banks

Gale Banks

Gale Banks and Adam Carolla talk Diesel and Big Diesel power. We get into some talk about algae and alternative sources of energy. Then Sandy (The Professor) and Adam take on another week of Investment Cars. Next onto Skype calls, NOS and Tombstones? You Figure it out. Then the CarCast crew head out for a quick trip to the Palos Verdes Car show to check out a special work of automotive art, the Maserati Tipo 61 ‘Birdcage’. And the wrap up with Doug Benson’s first car.

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Quick Link to Gail Banks Sidewinder S10
Quick Link to Doug Benson’s First Car
Quick Link to Maserati Tipo 61

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30 Responses to “Gale Banks”

  1. Mikefromflorida says:

    The feed in Apple is broken this hasn’t updated in itunes it still says the 12th.

  2. Fast Dave says:

    Hell yeah! Get it on with Turbo Legend Gale Banks!

  3. Love to see that Diesel is finally getting a look from gearheads. I’ve been driving oil-burners on and off since the 80s and love their frugal nature. When fuel prices started climbing I started making my own at home and now are living what most people only talk about: energy independence. Costs me about a buck a gallon to make and my car gets 50 MPG. That translates to about three cents a mile.

    Looking forward to giving today’s show a listen once it shows up in iTunes.


    • Max says:

      yeah, but if your rings and guides are fucked, (and if you’re driving some old piece of shit diesel, which you are) then you’re burning engine oil, fuckin douche-face. I was driving behind one of you arrogant idiots yesterday.

  4. Jim says:

    I have the same problem with Itunes. It says the URL is not valid and will not download. Get on it Donny! Fuck!

  5. CarCast says:

    The iTunes issues should be corrected now. We updated somethings (Technical term) and had a glitch (Other technical term).

    For iTunes listners you may have to just ‘refresh’ the feed in iTunes or do as a worse case un-subscribe then re-subscribe. The new feed should have the CarCast logo now displayed in iTunes.

    Please let us know if you’re still having issues after trying the above steps.


    • CarpaccioFreak says:

      He was joking about the engine in the Birdcage. Like the Datsun/Nissan exchange from a couple of weeks back.

      And how are you going to get through life if you live in fear of ever hearing anyone who has a viewpoint you dont already agree with?

    • bob says:

      bashing is in vogue right now, but to not differentiate between friend and foe is just plain stupid

  6. Supertzar says:

    itunes issue must be fixed,its working fine for me.

    Get it on!

  7. Lou Cypher says:

    “This ‘In loving memory of Chuy’ bullshit is bringing me down.”

    Rare actual LOL moment for me. Chalk it up to beer & college football.

  8. rich says:

    can you talk about gone in 60 seconds..angelina jolie has to have two jobs to make ends meet because its honest work..but her date job is a ferrari mechanic..i and shes the best…..

  9. 831Doug says:

    Another great podcast! Great to hear from Gale Banks about high performance diesel technology. A friend of mine just bought a BMW 335 diesel. That thing has 265 HP and 425 torque. It’s faster than hell.

  10. MrRedDevil says:

    I don’t know anything about cars, but I really enjoy the Carcasts. Also, Gale Banks is the man.

    10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag!

  11. KenB says:

    Great Guest!!!

    I put one of his kits on a F-350 Diesel and it is awesome.

  12. scott says:

    Really would love to see the Carcast crew at SEMA. If you are planning on going, let us know where and when you’ll be there so we can thank you in person for what an awesome product you’ve given us.

  13. Butt says:

    This guy is awesome! Thanks Adam and y’all. I would be happy to have Gale Banks back again periodically.

  14. Santa Cruz Taylor says:

    Great guest! Way to show off your diesel chops with the “predetonation” statement Adam. You might not just be a dumb carpenter after all.

    Get it on!

  15. Nick says:

    Awesome Guest. San Lorenzo Ave Taylor….?

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