Nelson Racine Engines F-Bomb Camaro and The Silver Surfer


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Nelson Racine Engines F-Bomb Camaro and The Silver Surfer

Adam Carolla, Sandy Ganz (The Professor) and Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines (NRE) take a look at 2 bad assed Camaro’s. The First is a 2000hp+ (You read that correct) 1969 Camaro. The powerplant is an NRE twin turbo 572 Big Block Chevy, from it’s custom billet intake and turbo’s. Yes, billet NRE designed turbos! The car rolled in to the CarCast HQ with a bit of rumble, air Conditioning and stereo. The second is Tom’s first super car, the F-Bomb which was built for David Freiburger, Cheif Editor of Hotrod Magazine. While not up to the same Hp as the 1969, the 406 cubes of SBC cranks out a respectable 1540 hp and 1527 lbs of torque. Both are have some trick features and can run on pump gas. Works of engineering art.

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19 Responses to “Nelson Racine Engines F-Bomb Camaro and The Silver Surfer”

  1. Jim Sanchez says:

    Love them both! Where are the intercoolers? All I need is a spare $250K

    • CarCast says:

      The intercoolers were tucked in front of the radiators. It is such a clean job on how they tucked all the plumbing in it is nothing short of amazing. Leave out the stereo and A/C you might be able to save a couple of bucks ;)

      More from NRE on the show for sure.


      • Mike Mathewson says:

        Best Carcast yet, why didn’t GM talk to NRE or listen to Gale Banks back in the day. Honestly, I think Gale Banks would look at the those turbo engines and say I did that 25 years ago. Also, I think Smokey was doing big block turbos back then too. Smokey Yunick would of been an awesome interview, if he was still alive that is. Sandy keep doing what you’re doing!!!

        best regards,

  2. CarCast says:

    Quick info from the owner of the Black 1969 Camaro, the car is actually called –

    ‘The Truth’

    Seems fitting for a 2000hp car.


  3. TheOtherSteveJobs says:

    To the asshole that stole my father’s 68 Camaro back in 75… if you’re reading this….

    FUCK YOU!!!

    Adam – greatest shows going today – you are a freaking genius and i only wish i could be 19 again (a long 20 years ago) and intern for you on this show.

  4. Steve says:

    I dont think this podcast made it onto Zune marketplace

    • CarCast says:

      Zune??? Just kidding, I do see that the current episode is not up. We did change the feed a bit and that might be the cause. Will take a look. You can also hit the Download page directly for all the links to the MP3’s if you need them.

      Will see about the fix and thanks for the heads up.


  5. Steve says:

    Amazing rides you have there…

  6. Lee Creighton says:

    the f-bomb was in fast and furious 4 wasnt it?……. not that i watch those movies at all…

    • CarCast says:

      Hmm, we are all friends here and you can admit watching FF4 as long as you don’t own the DVD your good. I think so, Tom mentioned something like it was a Hero car in the show.


  7. Jack says:

    Greatest podcast ever…..

  8. Jack says:

    Any Chance to get Jesse James on the pedcast? He has some sick shit.

  9. matt bolton says:

    Love your podcast, best on the web. having grown up with a car guy neighbor who is now 75 and still building hot rods and who I consider a second father, I am truly lucky. Having found your podcast just keeps it alive. His current car is a 46 jeep 2 door wagon rat rod with a 502 big block, built to NHRA safety specs.

  10. CarCast says:

    Matt –

    Thanks for the kind comments!


  11. Brian Renner says:


    Would you ever want to feature my classic RV on the show that the pussy Conan O’Brien never even gave a tip of the cap to during his “Blow up my car” contest?

    • CarCast says:

      Not sure what we would do with a blown up RV. Sounds like you need to take it to Burning Man and then let them take care of it…

      Other Idea’s –

      Jump the Canyon
      Cut a hole in the side and sell Taco
      Fill it up with water then blow it up
      Fill it up with as many College Buddies then Blow it up
      Fill it up with shaving cream
      Put a brick on the gas pedal and pratice a crash test (Only where safe)
      Paint it Pink and turn it into a rolling brothel

      Something should get you on TV :)

  12. defraggler says:

    Adam Carolla is one man who deserves to have these cars

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