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Steve Brown

Adam gets a flat, he shakes it off then onto Steve Brown of Alpine Electronics to see his creations. Adam and Sandy (The Professor) take a look at a few of the Alpine custom show cars. Adam goes solo on the investment cars this week and picks out some beach cruisers. This week we also introduce a new segment ‘Movie Muffs’ can you say Double Pumper. Then back to business with legendary race car driver John Morton for a discussion about the first BRE Race car. And a wrap up with Celebrity First Car featuring actor Ron Livingston.

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22 Responses to “Steve Brown”

  1. Sweet Carcast, you have to see the video!!
    Sick cars!!

  2. Derek Dawson says:

    That’s the best one yet!

  3. Brian in Portland says:

    I gotta say Adam, although I didn’t really pay much attention to a word Megan Fox was saying in the entire two Transformer movies, I was also immediately distracted when she delivered that line in the movie. In real time my reaction was, that wasn’t a high rise manifold or a double pumper carb. I kept thinking about how I wish I was watching this movie at home so I could pause it and precede to yell at the TV. Which I’m assuming is what you have done since this movie came out on DVD. Seriously, I catch shit like this in movies all the time. It’s really really really easy to catch movies that are supposed to take place in the past and then you notice the modern customizations that have been done to the cars in the background. (Just watch Dazed and Confused and you’ll see a Chevy in the background with 90’s Camaro wheels on it). Maybe me and the Aceman are just being picky BUT like Aceman has said how hard is it to find ONE GUY who knows something about cars so this shit doesn’t happen in movies and precede to bug the hell out of a whole bunch of car buffs.

  4. A-Bomb says:

    Another stroke of genius, Adam! Keep this bit up. As soon as I started watching this video, I knew what was coming… I called that one out the minute I saw it too.

    You can’t blame the actress much though… She’s just reading lines. Even if she did call the director (or whoever) out on it being wrong, she’d get something back like “we don’t care, nobody will know the difference, and if you are right, we’ll fix it in post” and it’ll get forgotten about forever.

    The problem is that the script is written, and the writer may even know something about engines too; but the person writing the script isn’t building the cars. I don’t think the car builder got a copy of the script either. The production department probably just called up a car builder and said… “We need a 76 Camaro in yellow with black stripes.” They didn’t bother with, “We need a 76 Camaro with a high rise manifold and double pump carb etc etc.”

    Unfortunately the director (or whoever) would be right by saying that most people don’t know the difference. Stop 100 random people on the street and I’ll bet that 50 of them couldn’t tell you how an engine works beyond “there’s an explosion and the car goes” much less the difference between a high rise and a side draft…

    Interesting side note that I didn’t notice until I watched this video though… That hood with the (poorly) slapped on cowling was probably originally set up for a high rise intake manifold. Maybe the car REALLY DID have the correct setup in there, and we have to blame the editor who probably just pasted in whatever footage of a cool looking engine he could find.

  5. Sharkdriver says:

    The pizza spare tire is not designed so much to save money but to save weight… better mpg and handling.

  6. News Doctor says:

    Commenting on Movie Muffs:
    And if they are Webber Cross Draft wouldn’t they get choked with dust and stuff seeing as how the kids seem to be driving down an unpaved desert road?

    • CarCast says:

      Very true, but remember he’s really not driving a 76′ Camaro, Bumble Bee needs no air filter ;)

      Having some fun!

      We have more ‘Muffs’ coming!

      • News Doctor says:

        No air filter? that I did not know. Thank the Gods for CarCast and the internet, lest I spent the rest of my life thinking you had to have an air filter on a street car.

        I gots to go and get it on, I have a mandate to do so.

        keep up the good work


  7. Brian says:

    Just wanted to say that I love all the podcasts. I have one small suggestion though.
    Can you combine all the videos into one vid? That way you could watch the whole Carcast in one vid.
    For the sections where there is no video, put in a slide show.


  8. TruckerEvan says:

    Ace man will you ever have a show on anything Diesel? The guy, the engine, diesel cars, diesel pickups, diesel trucks.

  9. Josh Powers says:

    Adam that setup looks similar to a Kinsler fuel injection setup.–New-Products–3.html

    Love the car casts!

    • CarCast says:

      The Cross-Ram manifold for the SBC has been around for a long long time. Not super popular but looks cool. I think you can see them on the old Bizarini’s from the 60’s much the same way. The big discussing (blow out) with Ace, the Weez and my self was someone mentioned that it was injected, but by the looks of the fuel lines and way they really look like side draft webers unless they were done up steath like (The do exist) it’s like just some side drafts. I think also 2 pics of the engine exist one with black body carbs one with natural. On a side note the Kinsler stuff is very trick, always wanted the Big block chevy version of the cross ram injection.


  10. chu says:

    yep.. those looked to be fuel injected… Individual throttle bodies do look like weber carbs

    • CarCast says:

      Except they they are side draft bodies with the fuel line connected as webers. It MAY be a stealth setup of injection in Weber bodies but definitely not throttle bodies. No fuel rail, etc. So unless these were done internally with injectors it’s Webers. We could tell right out of the bat if we could see the fuel pressure gauge. 0-15 Carbs, 0-60 EFI. But I do know this, it’s not a double pumper ;)

  11. DzynOne says:

    Yo Adam, I’ve been living in Malibu for over 10 years and the Sheriff’s DON”T PLAY. They will get you every chance they can.

  12. Fast5.0 says:

    I was in tears when you said it could be a sewing machine under the hood! You have got to keep the Movie Muffs section going, it is Adam at his best!

  13. Edris Pappas says:

    Hey there’s a bug with the blog using OPera the menu is weird :/

    • CarCast says:

      Sadly support for Opera has not been tested with the blog template I’m guessing. I’ll pop it to the theme developers and see if they have any plans. What platform are you on that is using Opera?


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