Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines

Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines

Adam Carolla and Tom Nelson, and Sandy talk big twin turbo horsepower. Tom Nelson noted engine and car builder has been working on cars with over the 2000hp range that you can drive every day. Tom and his crew brave the 100 degree weather and bring a couple of Camaros. How about a 2000hp 1969 street driven car as well as the F-Bomb Camaro which was built for David Freiburger, Cheif Editor of Hot Rod Magazine. Adam and Sandy take a listener email and help a guy out. Adam checks out at an ultra rare Bizzarrini 5300GT at the Palos Verdes Car show. And yet another episode of Movie Muffs and Armageddon. Finally the wrap up with Dr. Drew’s first car.

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22 Responses to “Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines”

  1. cheflarz says:

    I was looking for an Adam Carolla Podcast and said 3 shits before I realized it was saturday and time for another Car Cast Show. Last weeks show was the best yet.

  2. Flatulator says:

    ADAM, I had a solid BM today! Are you happy for me?

  3. Jim Cannataro says:

    Adam and crew,

    You guys should change the opening lead in of the show. It just sounds like something is blowing up and very little like an engine starting up. Put a nice sound clip of an Aston V8 Vantage or M3 4 litre V8.

  4. Ian McQuade says:

    I agree with what Jim Cannataro mentioned. The first clip causes a fuzzy sorta of muffled noise that doesn’t sound good on my Bose desktop speakers or on my JL component speakers in my car. Would definitely like to hear maybe a clip of a e90 M3 or something European and beefy.

    • CarCast says:

      I’ll pass this along to the Weez, he is in charge of the sound bits. It is not really coming from something you would guess it is (Think 60’s action comic). You guys toss out some suggestions and we will see what we can get, but honestly we can spend our time with much more fun stuff. Don’t worry we have a bunch of cars that while not european and beefy we have stuff that we can do for sound.

      I wanted the sound from the openning of Grand Prix (the movie).

      E90 V8, not beefy enough, V12 Prancing Horse, Porsche 12, Renault etc that is European and Beefy! as an Example of beefy, unless you mean my 700hp Cobra, but I’ll go F1 as beefy :)

      All kidding aside I’ll pitch it to the Weez and see how he takes it!


      • British Vinnie says:

        Hey Prof. Any chance of getting Clarkson, Hammond or even Captain Slow on the show? Has it been broached with them?

        • CarCast says:

          No, not at all. I think we can go a long way before getting them out here in the Colonies. I think once we get the show really smoking it will not be to hard but we have loads of guests that people will like. I think we need “The Left vs. Right Hand Drive challenge” (TM)(C) 2009 The Professor. :)

          They would be a great pair to have on, and we will get Tom to roll them in one of the Camaro’s…

    • James D says:

      Dammit Ian, NO BMW anything. Until they make a car that isn’t mundane I don’t want to hear that sound haha. They have been making the same cars for 20 years now, and they are all middle of the road performance wise for the price. Is my front lip at your house btw? I have swine flu right now so I wouldn’t be able to get it even if it was =(

  5. Jason says:

    How about a motorcyclecast? i know you dont like good ole American V-twin muscle, but i do know you like motorcycles!

  6. “They gotta lotta small blocks in space?!”

    Funniest thing I’ve heard all year.

    • CarCast says:

      Yeah, we have a lot of laughs about the Armegeddon video, and Adam is not kidding we have been making fun of it for years. He did leave out my favorite one –

      ‘800 Turbo Horses in near zero gravity’ (Done with an Australian(?) accent for credibility)

      I can only imagine what that thing could do with some gravity…

      We are going to set up an EMAIL for Movie Muff’s very soon so people can send in suggestions.

      Standy By for that…


      • James D says:

        Oh god, I’m just curious why they couldn’t have at least used a real term like “thrust horsepower”, but instead they had to use “Turbo Horsepower”, I’m curious what the definition of a “turbo horsepower” is haha.

        • CarCast says:

          It’s a special kind of ‘Space Horsepower’, what’s better is that they had a blower and not a turbo on the table…

          BTW we have now an email for sending in ‘Mechanical Movie Muffs’

          Carcaster _a_t_

          Of course you need to replace the _a_t_ with that symbol over the 2 on your keypad.


  7. riiice says:

    Love the show.
    I was hopeing that you guys might consider offering an enhanced podcast of the carcast podcast (like the mr skin episode of the regular weekly podcast).
    It would be perfect if i could see the images of the cars you are discussing on my iPhone as I am listening.
    I’m not a car expert, but am eager to learn, so it is kind of hard following along when I can’t picture what car you guys are talking about.
    Just a thought. Anyways, thanks for the hard work. It’s great to have this to listen to every Saturday morning.

    P.s. – another quick thought. Maybe you guys could add a weekly new car test drive and review in the show.

  8. damon says:

    definitely have to crank up the bitrate on the audio when youre playing the cars running, otherwise they sound to defeated. love the show

  9. Colin says:

    Another Michael Bay movie on “Movie Muffs” – big surprise! Do you think Bay really believes this stuff he puts out, or does he know most of his audience is too stupid to care? I wonder what fun technical idiocy you can find in “Pearl Harbor.”

  10. James D says:

    Loved the Movie Muff, whenever me and my dad work on our airplane we always get some wise guy that walks by and starts telling us how things should be, or how things should be done because he can fix his 350 small block. Usually the people that know the least have the most to say.

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