1973 Porsche RS Clone


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1973 Porsche RS Clone

Adam finally shows of something besided a Lamborghini! This episode we take a look at his 1973 911RS Clone. I think the Professor is going to have to get into the engine…

**This car is currently for Sale on Ebay Starting 10/28/2009**

Adam is selling this car, check it out on eBay at by clicking the link. Ebay has many more pictures of the car as well.
Ebay Link to Adam Carolla’s Porsche 911RS

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Video of the 911RS Clone

18 Responses to “1973 Porsche RS Clone”

  1. Michael says:

    As great a job as the conversion was, I may love the ’72 E or S even more. Chrome horn grills (blacked out for ’73), the goofy oil filler neck midship…and a totally crazy to drive.

    Either way, though, sirrah, a beautiful job. Not sure if you’ve mentioned it during the video, but is it a matching numbers car?

  2. J Feustel says:

    Don’t you think the roll cage and harness takes away from the classic look of the car? I mean, unless you’re actually taking it to the track I think it looks beautiful with an as is interior.

  3. CarCast says:

    The Cage and harness are not too bad, what’s bad is that the car was sitting around for a while and is now only finally getting to stretch its legs. It is one of Adam’s better cars and besides the carpeting and motor that needs a tune (yeah, I’ll likely have to do it) it’s one that I like, has a really nice look and is old school air cooled!


  4. Kris Clewell says:

    taking the carbs off makes you a pansy Adam.

  5. Cus says:

    Nice car Adam…you are almost THERE! The motor sounds SWEET…I’d love to see/hear it run on the track! Actually, the RS did not have carbs, but a mechanical fuel injection on a 2.7 RS spec engine…The standard S and E models had a 2.4L motor, also fuel injected…in mid 73 Porsche changed to the CIS injection. To make this car aesthetically correct on the outside, Adam would need to change the rear bumper to a fiberglass bumper…instead of aluminum/rubber trim, they used a stripe decal color matched to the “Carrera” script decal that is typically on the RS model. The aluminum/rubber trim on the front bumper needs to go also in favor of the stripe decal. The “Carrera RS” decal on the rear of the car is typically usually higher, and to the right on the ducktail. The interior of the RS models featured different door panels than the 911T,S, & E models…they were very basic, with no door pockets and a strap you pulled to open the door…the sound deadening material under the carpets was removed, and lightweight carpet glued to the floor…all was to reduce weight…I’m ok with the roll cage because many of these cars ended up on the track, but the mirrors are period incorrect for the car and should be changed. One other note for anyone wanting to do a clone…911 models up through 68 were a shorter wheelbase, so you would need to use a tub from a 69-73…You can use a tub through 1989, but it would require substantial modification to retrofit the early front/rear bumper…an advantage of using a 1977+ model car, is that the bodies were galvanized, so you’re not going to have the rust problems of an earlier car…73 was the only model year for this body style RS, however, there was a euro RS model in 74 with the new body style. Great shows guys…I am thoroughly enjoying them…Keep em coming!

    • CarCast says:

      Cus –

      Thanks for the detail, and thanks for cutting Adam some slack on the ‘Oil Hopper’.

      It is a really cool car, just need the moth balls removed and get it cleaned up.


    • Kris says:

      Great car Adam, with the exception of the mirrors and deck lid “model” designation, as noted by Cus, your Porsche seems to be a very well built recreation of a 73 RS “Touring” version. Your front and rear bumpers are period correct, though, as are the rocker panel covers. I believe Cus is referring to the “Sport” versions bumpers, which were free of all molding and chrome. The “Sport” version also deleted the rocker panel covers. Typical RS clones are built to replicate “Sport” versions, so it unique to see a “Touring” version clone………Have fun

  6. If Adam needs some help sorting the RS clone , its what we do. Check us out

  7. Mott says:

    I must applaud you on your taste in cars. I currently have a E30 M3, and a Ferrari 308 (albeit the mustaches version not the dino), and used to have a US ’74 Carrera, nothing like an RS clone though. I have already decided that my next car will be an RS clone. Not sure if it will happen anytime though. I have got my hands full sorting out those two other cars now.

    Hopefully in a decade or so down the road these will be ‘the’ big money collector cars.

  8. captain ham says:

    throw in those plaid short sand you got a deal!

  9. Jim Post says:

    Nice looking clone but your starting price of 38k on eBay is out of the market

  10. frustratedfan says:

    I can never get the videos to play. They just have that spinny thing and then an error message. Am I missing something? Did anyone else have this problem?

  11. Steve RS says:

    Nice RS clone! I am just starting to build one using a ’77 tub. I like backdating a newer car, because the SC flares have the same look and the later cars were fully galvanized, so their longevity is assured. Not sure of the motor yet, but checking out a 3.2 w 915 tranny that should have some giddy-up. Otherwise I’ll copy Adam’s car w Grand Prix white paint, RS ducktail, front bumper w oil cooler, fat sump, 7’s and 8’s Fuchs, Italian replica sport seats, etc. Probably no roll bar, but glove box mounted twin ‘rally clocks’ are a cool touch. Only downside of using a post ’73 tub is it will have to pass Cali SMOG! Dave at TRE and Tony & Marco at TLG are helping me pull this off.

    • CarCast says:

      Sounds like a good project. The sad part is Adam sold that car a few months back. I really wanted to drive it, had a nice look and looked to be a fun ride with the injected engine and nice work done to the car. Sad to see it leave the building. You might be ok on the California smog, for some reason I thought it was 1975 and older were exempt unless our wonderful government passed some more rules to move that around.


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