1989 BMW E30 M3


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1989 BMW E30 M3

Adam is on a roll, he unearths yet another gem from the collection, his 1989 BMW M3. You might be asking yourself “wait, is that two cars in a row that are German” Yep, seems we are on a roll. And as we say here at CarCast “Bitte F├╝llen Sie bitte den Tank”

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Video of the 1989 BMW E30 M3

55 Responses to “1989 BMW E30 M3”

  1. Rick In NH says:

    Love the car. I own an E34 M5 which shares a lot of the same styling. You should do a special on one. Its such a rare un-talked about care which performed great.

  2. Luciano says:

    Hey Adam!

    You might not believe it but this is the car that made me respect you as a car guy! Leno doesn’t have a single BMW in his garage, i’m pretty sure he’s still pretty upset about the war, but you have to move on at some point.

  3. S14 M3 in NJ says:

    Goodness Adam! I was always a fan of your from back in the MAN SHOW days, and always respected you as a comedian, but damn…. you’ve got an e30 M3 too, to boot??? I LOVE YOU MAN!!! ;-)

  4. Derek says:

    Love that car Adam. This shows you have good taste. Best looking of all the M3’s? You are absolutely correct. My respect for you has gone through the roof after seeing this.

    Big favor…PLEASE…PLEASE put the badging on the rear.


  5. Great color combo. Very clean!

  6. andy bell says:

    Ace, are you selling this?? Swear I saw one exactly like this for sale in CA.

  7. derek says:


    Is this it for sale?

  8. Todd says:

    Besides his Miura this is probably my favorite of Adam’s cars. Its not super powerful but this car is just fun as hell to drive. Pinpoint handling. The best color too. Nice job Adam. This guy has got to have the greatest life in the world.

  9. Tyler Edmondson says:


    You need this one http://www.europeanplates.com/blog ALL EVO’d out

  10. AJ says:

    G’damn, Adam. Very disappointing. You obviously are not aware of some of the most significant details of the E30 M3. I guarantee you that I am not the only E30 M3 enthusiast that was wincing and shaking my head throughout your description of the car.

    However, that being said… the E30 M3 is indeed a great-handling car, not fast by today’s standards, but a car with a lot of passion in its design and history. There’s a reason that E30 M3’s make just about every “Top 100 cars of all-time” list these days. Nice to see that you own one, and a clean one at that.

  11. JM says:

    +1 for AJ. This is miserable.

    “The best part about this car is not the engine, and not even the hood, but the way the hood closes!”

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