Andy Dick’s First Car


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Andy Dick’s First Car

Andy Dick sheds some tears about his 1975 Chevy Malibu Classic…

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5 Responses to “Andy Dick’s First Car”

  1. Matt Graham says:

    I gotta say I had the exact same car for my first car, only it was a 77. It had a crappy straight 6, with 3-on-the-tree. The car went through a few clutches in the time that I owned it, and not due to driver error. The engine was a dog and the car couldn’t get out of it’s own way. However it was a great place to lose your virginity… Also it’s the same car that John Cusack drove in Say Anything…

  2. Tom Nelson says:

    I had the exact same car too! Mine was a ’76 w/ a 350 2bbl carb. Maroon w/ the ‘Landau’ roof. I rebuilt the engine, put in a holley dbl pumper, 4.10 gears and raced it! Loved that car! Lot’s of blood, sweat and tears!

  3. Julian says:

    it would be funny as hell to have clips of Adams “when did it become okay for men to be such pussies” rant inserted into this. esp when Andy dick was talking about crying in the back seat! i think the main reason Andy dick shows up so frequently on Adam’s pod-casts is the killer blow jobs he gives.

    oh and also, the laughing in your guests face wile interviewing them is great stuff! i liked the laughing at the racer in the wheel chair after learning his hands don’t work so well either.

  4. vroomvroomboy69 says:

    celebrity first cars would be a good tv show

  5. Jim Smith says:

    I think those cars were pretty cool. The last of the boats. With the Rally wheels and some engine mods they are pretty sweet.

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