Coronado Speed Festival


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Coronado Speed Festival

Special CarCast Race Show, Adam Carolla at the Coronado Speed Festival. Adam, the Bob Sharp Datsun 610 Make its Debut. The CarCast crew report the event with special In-Car-Cam shots of the racing action. During all of this, Ace and the Weez pull a quick trip to check out the Miura and talk interior with Gary Bobileff, then back to the track. Special track feature with driver profile and Duane Norman. We pick up with a cool car, the Iso Rivolta, then Ace Back on the track for Qualifying. Day 2 we jump in with Adam, Sandy, and Donny rolling to the track and discussing investment race cars then the big race. Wrap it up with Celebrity cars.

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Quick Link to The Guest Car and Duane Norman
Quick Link to Andy Dick’s First Car
Quick Link to 1964 Iso Rivolta

Coronado Speed Festival Video

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Special Thanks to Contributing Photographers-
Seiji Kishi – “6S100″
Sam Martinson
Dennis Currington (Click Here for more Photos)

47 Responses to “Coronado Speed Festival”

    • CarCast says:

      Yep, think about this, First time Car on the track in who knows how long, Ace makes a total of 2 runs in the car then the actual race. Given that, I think he did awesome!


      • Jim Smith says:

        I agree and know how Adam felt first time out looking at ” the sea of traffic cones”. Its kinda hairy until you get to know a course like that. I am surprised the tranny took a dump after such a short race.

  1. John says:

    Hey Adam, Nice job…and nicer car. But just a word: You are allowed to use 1st gear with those ultra close ratio boxes, with that rear end ratio you’d be able to do about 55mph in 1st gear and able to keep your rpm’s in the power band. Drive fast and take lots of chances.

  2. Rob says:

    Nice job Ace!

    I am the same age as you and grew up watching the Bob Sharp / Newman cars. It is great to see you hammering it and driving it hard. How about doing a number of races next year and doing carcast coverage of them all. Portland is a very fast forgiving track, you should come up north for the Historics next year!


  3. Jim Smith says:

    I say take out the Newman 300ZX next time. Something with some Nutz under the hood …lol

  4. Luis Urea says:

    i missed you in coronado, what a bummer, i work in coronado, as a matter fact i was ay work while the races were going on, i could hear the commotion and the roar of the engines growling by, but little did i know the the “ACE” Mr.Carolla himself was in the race, i’ve been listening to you for over a decade, and since i live here in SD and work 70 hours a week, i could never make it to any of your events in LA, but damn it, i always listen to the podcast a week behind, that way i will never run out of them, and today i hear the one about this race, well ace, so close, so close and yet so far…. hope to catch you next year out here. GOOD DAY SIR !!!

  5. Brian says:

    Great podcast, and video.
    Adam needs to ditch that worthless neck collar, and get a Hans Device though.

  6. The Datsun Dawg says:


    Man I have been a Datsun fan from way back. Every time I see the word Nissan I throw up in my mouth a little.

    I am loving your new ride. That’s a sweet shot of you (and your ride)! Who took all those pix anyway? Did you get Annie Lebowitz out on the track or something?

    One question: You got a Toyota jump suit on. What’s up with that?

    The Datsun Dawg

  7. Ian says:

    SANDY! I know you guys like most datsuns/nissans so I was wondering how you feel about the early 90′s Nissan 240sx. I personally think its a great looking car when lowered a tad and with some aftermarket rims. I have mine all done up with some aftermarket suspen. and some tasteful rims and low profiles and the thing drives like its on rails and pretty peppy too while still being economical to drive. So 1991 White Nissan 240sx, What do you think Sandy?????

    • CarCast says:

      I like the 240sx as a rear wheel track car, but I recall having a rental and was not so much liking the inside. The cars are nice looking set up for the track or nice rims and some minor body stuff (No extreem ricer $hit). You need the turbo kit or the very nice SR20DET motor. I think Ace has that in his BRE 510 replica and it’s cool looking.

      Good car when done up with some taste!


  8. James says:

    Hey Adam – Nice result — I love that little 4-banger note! Gearing aside, I think a little heel-toe downshifting would definitely help you out as well, especially getting into and off the corners — you can brake later and keep the rpm’s up more efficiently getting off.

    Come on out to Bondurant and we’ll take care of you ;-]


    • Dennis says:

      Looks like you had your chance :-)

      TV/Radio Graduates:
      # Adam Carolla – Too Late With Adam Carolla
      # Bob Lawrence – KGTV, San Diego (ABC)
      # Dallas Raines – KABC-TV, Los Angeles (ABC)
      # Geraldo Rivera
      # Hugh Downes – ABC News
      # Jaime Little – Race Reporter (ABC)
      # Jan Beekhus – Race announcer
      # Jimmie Kimmel – Jimmie Kimmel, Live
      # Jimmy Fallon – Saturday Night Live
      # John Chancellor
      # LeeAnn Tweeden – Best Damn Sports Show
      # Maria Menounos – Entertainment Tonight
      # Marty Smith – SPEED and
      # Paige Hemmis – Extreme Makeover-Home Edition
      # Pat O’Brien – Access Hollywood
      # Pat Patterson – Race Announcer
      # Paul Harvey – National Radio Personality
      # Paul W. Smith – WJR Radio, Detroit
      # Peter Jennings – ABC News
      # Phil Koeghan – Host-The Amazing Race
      # Robin Quivers – Howard Stern Show

  9. Dr. Azah Nor says:


    Find that guy with the parrot on his shoulder that supposedly built the rear end on your car and then got all up in your head about the new tires and “you better watch out” before your practice lap and tell him off because he doesn’t know shit since he put the “444′ gears in when that track clearly needed “460″ or “480″ gears. tell him he owes you a new trans.

  10. Nate says:

    Love the carcast and it was great to see one of Adam’s cars in action. You said that this was a backup car, was it raced when it was with Bob Sharp, or spend most of it’s time in the vintage races before Adam got it?

    Here are a few pics of Adam I took at Coronado if you want to check them out.


    • CarCast says:

      Nate -

      Don’t think the car was raced much when it was in it’s prime, I think it was the backup/show car. I think Les and the rest of the Datsun experts know more about it’s race history. When all said and done we just want to drive it now :)

      Great Pictures! Thanks for the post!


    • Dennis says:

      Great shots, Nate!

  11. Jeff Wubker says:

    I am so thankfull for Adams podcasts as it makes my work nights go a little faster. I’m one of those people who he joked about that are not watching the video and only listening. I was able to take a peek at the video version and was impressed with his driving skills. I’m glad he is a comedian though. Thanks Adam.

  12. Nice to hear The Professor showing some love for the Coventry Cats.

    If you ever want some wheel time in a Series 1 E-type just let me know.


    • CarCast says:

      Twist my arm ;). My mom had some really beat well used up Jags (3.8 MKII and a 4.2 MK????) but they were always fun to drive when they were working, sadly never had the E type. I think the car is under appreciated, and is really a car that IMO pushed a lot of the other manufactures to build better (and affordable) sports cars. Lucas stuff is pretty crappy but easy to fix up, the Tiger I have has the Lucas harnesses and related and it is all bad :)

      I really love the look of the E-Types, beautiful lines, and often not given a lot of credit for how timeless the style is.


  13. tom says:

    web cast was fun to watch – but that whole vintage scene… reminded me of watching the retreat of the Iraqi army. –> not pretty.

  14. CarCast says:

    How come no one caught the number change on the car :)


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