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Dan Edmunds

Adam Carolla and Dan Edmunds of Edmunds.com talk about what’s new in Cars. Adam tries to figure out what car to lease next, and why can’t he have a car with a automatic interior cooling fan! We roll out to to check out the Mini-E and a Nissan 370z that Dan brings in. We pitstop for a quick chat with Adam and legend Rick Hendrick of NASCAR fame. Then a rare opportunity opens up for the Professor to Show his VSE Cobra and then we fire the beast up. Finally and We wrap with Jeff Ross’s First Car.

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Quick Link to Mini-E and 370Z
Quick Link to Jeff Ross’s First Car
Quick Link to VSE Cobra

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19 Responses to “Dan Edmunds”

  1. Gus says:

    My 2009 X5 will recycle the air in the cabin when the car is turned off, but you have to program it in the Idrive, it doesn’t do it all the time. Wait, you just talked about it on the Carcast.

    Never mind…


  2. JB says:

    jesus can you make the slide show on the front page go any faster? its like playing whack-a-mole trying to click on the link you want when they are flying all over the place.

    ok im done bitching for today, i stil love the pod and carcasts.

    • J0J0 says:

      My Firefox browser does not make the images move all over the place. So I’m not sure what you’re talking about. As Sandy said, don’t give up bitching yet.

  3. CarCast says:

    You can PAUSE the slide show at any time by clicking anywhere in the image. You can also drive manually in the slide show once you pause it. The other way to scan through the images is to just click on the thumbnail and navigate manually with PREV/NEXT but has one limitation in that it will only show what is on a single page.

    One last tip is in the slide show and want to see the title of the image, just move the mouse over it.

    BTW it’s early don’t sell yourself short on being done with the bitching!


  4. Erich says:

    Holy christ. The audio is TERRIBLE! Is anyone on the podcast listening to the podcast? Good show, but please do something about the audio quality.

  5. ChrisfromAZ says:

    The audio isn’t bad at all. People need to realize that it costs Adam 10s of thousands of dollars to do this.
    So cut him a little slack. Carcast sounds fine!

  6. Doug says:

    Los Angeles has always been a microcosm for the rest of the country regarding cars. Some trends go from the East coast to the West cost but automobile tastes trends start in LA. No wonder most every vehicle in West LA is a Japanese or German. Nobody with money wants to buy American.There is something to be said about having your N. American corporate HQ in Los Angeles County. Honda, Nissan, Toyota and thus their luxury counterparts all designed in LA. The big three American manufactureres are all in the midwest. That is probably why they lost touch with what sells. In GMs restructuring they should fire their entire design staff and move out West.

  7. Gonzo says:

    Fuck Ace, get off Audi’s nuts. How much they payin’ you???

  8. Chris says:

    About the low draw recirc fan you were ranting on. Fans motors tend to draw a very large amount of juice Ace, so the battery would die in a hurry using this method. New cars batteries tend to have very little reserve (due to all the electronic junk), so you wouldn’t be able to start your car when you came out of the store. A secondary battery would be a necessity to pull this off, and then the alternator and wiring would have to be modified as well to accommodate this. This has driven me insane for years Ace, so I feel your pain. I plan on figuring this out on my own since the brilliant automotive engineers cannot seem to pull it off.

    • PRYAPSM says:

      What about the keyless start? If they made that stronger say 50ft verses 10-15ft. I agree with getting into a car that is hott as hell. Growing up in Arizona we would come out to our cars in the 130s. I know LA and San Diego have chicken as laws for window tint, but it really helps in AZ. We would darken as low as we could get away with, but still when its a 120degrees outside and you has been sitting in the sun for 8hrs its still going to hot. I don’t agree fan is going to do any good in this type of heat, all you are doing is move around hot air inside the car. I firmly believe in leaving you windows cracked, do you have any idea how bad peoples car smell. Working a discount tire co., pulling some of this cars in, I would nearly hurl.

      I personally don’t think car manufactures are going install this anytime soon. The market has gotten was to broad, with all Ipod connections and fancy seats. Its all about safety and MPGs now, there is some much stuff going on inside cars. I don’t think there is anyone brilliant left in the automotive market, look at some of the cars horrible….

  9. 831Doug says:

    The audio in the first segment was a little crappy. It definitely wasn’t up to the quality of the Adam’s regular podcast or past CarCasts. I love to check in to see how much people bitch about stuff. It’s free, so suck it up and get over the rough audio and/or Adam’s hard-on for Audi’s. :-)

    Another great episode. Keep up the great work!

  10. John Smith says:

    Older BMWs have this feature as well, not just the new X5s. I have a 2004 X5 and it has the feature. I believe most BMWs from ’99 and up have this.

  11. Andy90 says:

    You know, Chester, I really admire the fact that there is no apparent compulsion to make your comment remotely entertaining – or even logical. If you don’t find a free podcast entertaining, don’t listen to it – and why for God’s sake would you take the time and effort to complain about it? Is Carcast crowding out all the other car-related podcasts you would otherwise listen to?

  12. Nick says:

    Wow. You put a GM motor in a Cobra? Epic Fail. Should have sold the engine you had laying around to get a 427FE or 427SOHC.

    • CarCast says:

      Most all Big Block Cobra is FAIL in my opinion, no need for a motor that big when a SBF/SBC can do more then enough HP for the car and almost all who think they can drive one with more power is only after bragging rights. The way to go is an FIA 289 Cobra with late model stuff IMO.

      And no thanks to the FE or an SOHC in a Cobra, waste of a nice heavy Ford power plant. I’ll take on in a Galaxie. At the time of construction no aluminum BBF’s floating around. I’m older and wiser and would do another Dart Aluminum SBF and ditch even more weight like the rest of my cars.


      • 831Doug says:

        One of the original Cobra replica builders called Arntz/Butler used SB Chevy motors exclusively. It’s also ironic that most Ford Hot Rods that you see at a car show are running a SB Chevy motor. Power to weight, I think a Windsor based motor in a Cobra is the way to go.

  13. FASTER345 says:

    My 1995 BMW 525i Touring has two timers for the fan that I can set for whenever I want. Just sayin’. Also, I think the early 90′s Mazda Millenia (remember that car?) may have been the first car to have solar panels built-in into the sunroof that powered an interior cooling fan. Why don’t all cars have this by now???

  14. Verbz says:

    Great episode. About worst car names…my first car was a Ford Probe. My high school friends would always make fun of the name of the car…anal probe..etc.

  15. The learning and knowledge that we have, is, at the most, but little compared with that of which we are ignorant. – Plato

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