Henry Ford III


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Henry Ford III

Adam Carolla and Henry Ford III talk about, well, Ford Motor Company and some of the history and future. Adam and Dale Earnhardt Jr talk it up at the Hollywood Roosevelt Pepsi 500 Party. We finally catch back up with the Professor and Adam as they take Skype calls. On to this weeks Featured Car Adam’s 1989 BMW M3. We wrap with the Eye of the Tiger Frank Stallone’s First car. Enjoy the ride!

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21 Responses to “Henry Ford III”

  1. Ian says:

    Hey whats with all the NASCAR guys? I thought Car Cast liked left and right turns : ) You should get a couple of knee draggers in there every once and a while. Maybe talk a few investment bikes, like a ’74 BMW R 90S or the old 2 stroke kettles, maybe some RD’s or CBX’s.

    • CarCast says:

      I don’t know much about bikes except I would love an old RD400 or back to the most dangerous of Kawasaki the H1/H2. For that matter anything 2 stroke. Adam would have to come up with that or we could ask listeners/viewer…


  2. Ian says:

    Great Cast though, love the show. Thanks a lot! I know you guys don’t like the modern ricers too much but how bout a 1991 Nissan 240sx se fastback? Adam was talking about how the Z line of cars went down hill and became boats in the 80’s and cruise liners in the 90’s. I think the light 240sx is almost a modern throw back to the 240z. Nice and light, great handling and just enough power to boss around town and break the rear end loose.

    Any thoughts Professor?

  3. Steve H. from sac ca says:

    Yeah, what he said!!

  4. B says:

    If you’re talking early 90’s nissans why not look @ the 300zx. More hp twin turbo and nice resale value.

  5. Ian says:

    The twin turbo had a lot of issues and was a pretty heavy car, but I do still like it.

  6. Jason from CA says:

    Yeah but the 300zx is a bad ass!

  7. CarpaccioFreak says:

    Wow, quite a guest! I was getting squirmy with some of the questions to this guy. If he had gone along with some of this “crapped out a couple of babies” jokes, Hank Ford would have ended up as the Hot Topic on the View.

    Things you should address next time: political closing of dealers, is Obama pressuring them to get away from profitable SUV’s and pickups, what is going on with Bob Lutz, and what happened exactly with Jack Nasser.

    There is no way any company can continue to invest in developing 5 different power plants- so what 2 or 3 do they plan on focusing on.

  8. Brian says:

    The 93-95 RX7 have a twin “sequential” turbo setup. Thats why there are two turbos.
    Also the gen 3 cars were a lot lighter than the gen 2s. They didnt follow the trend of the other Japanese cars by getting heavier and more complex.

  9. Grape Ape says:

    do you guys ever use Hemmings Motor News?

  10. Tim says:

    Was awesome hearing news straight from Ford himself. Thank you guys for having him on. I hope his comment on the Focus RS was a hint of it coming over to teh US and not just ramblings.

  11. Visith says:

    Thanks for having Ford, Adam! Great carcast!

  12. Gonzo says:

    Seriously, what the hell kind of question was that about Ford building a “Tesla type” car??? Come on Adam you know that was a wasted question. But to your credit this guy didn’t seem to know much about the stuff Adam was asking about like the limited Mustangs, the SHO, CNG or even electric vehicles. He did have their current product knowledge down though, he knew his sync and F-150. Also I think it’s great that this guy sounds jealous of Leno’s garage. He’s a Ford… I wish my last name was Nissan, Honda or Toyota.

  13. Gonzo says:

    Good interview with Jr.

    This obviously was the Trust Fund Baby/Namesake Carcast.

  14. Benson says:

    Should have asked about Ford’s Rally efforts. Ford is doing great.

    Great interview Adam!!!!

  15. Andrew P says:

    For the rotary engines in the RX7’s … unfortunately, the price of rotor housings and parts have gone up a fair bit in the past few years, so it costs a lot to rebuild a worn out engine. You can’t just magnaflux and bore it like a piston engine, so you just have to replace the rotor housings.

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