Henry Ford III


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Henry Ford III

Adam Carolla and Henry Ford III talk about, well, Ford Motor Company and some of the history and future. Adam and Dale Earnhardt Jr talk it up at the Hollywood Roosevelt Pepsi 500 Party. We finally catch back up with the Professor and Adam as they take Skype calls. On to this weeks Featured Car Adam’s 1989 BMW M3. We wrap with the Eye of the Tiger Frank Stallone’s First car. Enjoy the ride!

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21 Responses to “Henry Ford III”

  1. 831Doug says:

    Another great CarCast! The interview with “Triple Sticks” was interesting. Seems like he’s probably more in touch than the previous generations of Ford.

    Man, I would love to have a Cortina some day. I saw a beautiful right hand drive model at the Cars and Coffee in Irvine last time I was down south.

  2. Wes says:

    The 3rd gen rx7 utilizes a sequential turbo system. Smaller turbo for low rpm and then a larger turbo for high rpm.

  3. sonny says:

    If i was the henry ford the 3rd, i would know a hell of a lot more about the company, history and cars than this guy did. He answered every single question with “thats a great question,” and then never really answered the question. Adam I am sorry your had this guy on. Expected way more from a FORD! Just like the car….

  4. lumas says:

    Here in Colombia gasoline is so expensive, natural gas has become an affordable solution for taxis to great savings althought the gas tank takes a lot of space in the trunk. A good temporary solution but I feel the real solution involves some sort of renewable fuel. Great show!

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