Herb Adam’s VSE Cobra


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Herb Adam’s VSE Cobra

The Professor gets to show of one of his cars. He brings out his VSE Cobra. This car features an all aluminum monocoque chassis, Big Block aluminum CHEVROLET, it just ends up having a Cobra body. We take a look and fire up the stock’ish 468 Chevrolet, well all 701hp worth…

Some specs –

The Motor:
Chevrolet 468 Aluminum Block, Aluminum Heads, Forged Crank, Billet Rods, Mechanical Roller Cam, 12:1 CR, AccuSump, Jessel Belt Drive, RaceMate Alternator/Waterpump


Older Doug Nash 5 Speed, 1:1 Final Drive, Tilton bell housing, 7.25″ dual disc ceramic clutch pack


Herb Adam’s VSE Aluminum Backbone frame (Monocoque)

Custom independent front geometry
S.C.P. Ford 9″ full floating axle, Strange Engineering 3.89 R&P
Coil overs 4 corners

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Video of the Professors Cobra

26 Responses to “Herb Adam’s VSE Cobra”

  1. StevenPVB says:

    Yes, friends,…jackass does begin with “Jay”. Jay just doesn’t get it, does he? Exactly what part of the Prof’s Cobra is in the slightest way a Ford, you cretin? Couldn’t be the body…that’s a repo of what was (back in the day, originally) an AC Ace with big flares, you dumbass. Ol’ Shel’s guys did some massaging to a lame British roadster built with a rotten six that couldn’t get out of it’s own way and the Prof just did his own version of that icon. This car doesn’t even have the dated old ladder chassis like the AC Cobra’s had, so where’s the beef? NOTHING that matters to Ford fans is in any way damaged by a car like the Prof’s Cobra, built in the true spirit of the original Cobras. Anyway, thanks to all of you CarCast guys for going through a lot of hard work and trouble for the podcasts–probably the best gearhead car show in the US. Those of us who do not have our heads buried in our colons like Jay appreciate all that you do for the show, even more what you do with your cars. Guess you have to take some hits from a few turds like Jay, but hope the number of us who like what you do outweighs the crap.

  2. James says:

    Beautiful car Sandy. Nice chioce of colors and wheels.

    I know it’s for racing….but I would certainly like to see this legal on the road as well.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • CarCast says:

      It is fully street legal (well need to pop the front plate on) and currently insured, it’s a hand full in traffic due to clutch and heating issues. Other then that, its fill up with some 110 leaded and hit the road!


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