Herb Adam’s VSE Cobra


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Herb Adam’s VSE Cobra

The Professor gets to show of one of his cars. He brings out his VSE Cobra. This car features an all aluminum monocoque chassis, Big Block aluminum CHEVROLET, it just ends up having a Cobra body. We take a look and fire up the stock’ish 468 Chevrolet, well all 701hp worth…

Some specs -

The Motor:
Chevrolet 468 Aluminum Block, Aluminum Heads, Forged Crank, Billet Rods, Mechanical Roller Cam, 12:1 CR, AccuSump, Jessel Belt Drive, RaceMate Alternator/Waterpump


Older Doug Nash 5 Speed, 1:1 Final Drive, Tilton bell housing, 7.25″ dual disc ceramic clutch pack


Herb Adam’s VSE Aluminum Backbone frame (Monocoque)

Custom independent front geometry
S.C.P. Ford 9″ full floating axle, Strange Engineering 3.89 R&P
Coil overs 4 corners

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Video of the Professors Cobra

26 Responses to “Herb Adam’s VSE Cobra”

  1. Jason says:

    Hey Sandy what happened to the videos? I feel like there used to be like 2 or 3 videos every Saturday. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate all the work you guys do, but I liked being able to see footage of the cars, so what’s the deal?

  2. CarCast says:

    We were slow on the videos, the first 2 are up, I’ll have to ping the Weez and see if he finished this one.


  3. Gonzo says:

    Shoulda read the note.

  4. Chris says:

    Very cool car Sandy, if you are scared to take it for a spin I’ll gladly do it for you. I’m an excellent driver…..

  5. 831Doug says:

    Sandy –

    Glad to see you had a chance to feature your VSE Cobra on the CarCast. That thing is going to be a monster! BTW – People can learn everything and more than they want to know about Cobra replicas of all makes by visiting Club Cobra.


  6. brian says:

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?

  7. CarCast says:

    One other place that has a few pics of the VSE Cobra is -


  8. Joe says:

    I covet that Can-Am aluminum BBC. Also, excellent job on the solo COTW analysis.

  9. That’s an amazing car Sandy. I can’t believe you got a Chevy aluminum Can-Am block! I’d love to know more about it. And shit, 2200 pounds . . . . That’s, like, a first-generation Miata. Jesus.

    Thanks and looking forward to your next video!

    • CarCast says:

      Picked up the block back in the early 80′s and stashed it. I don’t know much about where it has been. The guy that I got it from has 2 this one and a beat one that had GM numbers on it as I recall (Long time ago) It has some odd stuff that someone said was not a Can Am block but the block is clean of all markings as someone had buffed the block and seems to have cleaned all the numbers off. The only ones left might be behind the bell housing but will have to wait for the blown engine to see if any. It does have a fuel pump boss and I think most of the Can Am’s didn’t but not sure. While in Carmel getting the paint work done at VSE a guy came over and saw the motor and wanted it for his Can Am car that he was restoring, but not sure how much he knew about the block. The heads are some odd Chevrolet (yeah, Chevy brand) pro-stock raised exhaust (or something like that) heads that have ports that required me to weld up the intake manifold. They were hand ported by the same fellow that did the Nelson Racing Engines (NRE) heads but these were done old school and a long time ago. Motor was built by a fellow Brad Lagman while at a Bob Lambek (sp) racing, he has later moved on to his own shop QMP Racing http://www.qmpracing.com/ and did both of my SB Ford aluminum motors.

      And yes, light and over hp, a nice combination ;)


  10. JOHN D says:

    I have a Can Am type ZL-1 Block…sleeved, mech fuel pump (4.25 Bore…now .040 over). I think it’s from ’68. Casting: 0-294550, Stamp Pad: 70065 53 W. Dry sump…Does your have a dry sump?

    • CarCast says:

      It has the odd set of pipe plugs over the oil filter but it is not set up for it now. As I mentioned all the casting numbers that were on the block are all polished out. The only area that may have something left would be behind the bell housing area if that did have any…

  11. joegagan says:

    sandy, loved the video of your ****** cobra. awesome motor! your work on the carcast is great, i listen to every episode.

    i have a line on an amazing 1966 UK built 52 jag xk120C replica. the owner has agreed to let us do a walkaround video, you will love this car. it has the correct (’53)dohc motor, amazing patina to the older BRG paintjob- runs, the guy drives it around Albuquerque all the time. there were only 50 real ones built in 52, the survivors go for 2 million plus, to see this on the street is crazy.

    i’ve got a few teaser photos for you, get ahold of me!

    please email me at joegagan@gmail.com, or call anytime, 505 315 7307

  12. Erik in Oregon says:

    How about a Podcast/ Video of the warehouse?
    Thanks for the great content

  13. CarCast says:

    It’s on the list. Donny was just talking about it a couple of days ago.


  14. Jay says:

    If youre going to have a ford, shelby, etc.. put a FORD motor in it. Leave the Chevy junk in the Chevys. Way to ruin a awesome car you fucking jackass.

    • CarCast says:

      Your right Jay, I’m going to take it out to apease you.

      It’s a Car with a motor that makes 700hp, so what more do you want? Save the hating for something important, and I have plenty of Ford stuff, just not this car so if your an angry ‘Five-oh’ guy can’t help with that. It does have a Ford 9″ if that makes you feel better…


  15. Mike O"Dee says:

    The huge bowties on the valve covers are downright obnoxious, but kinda funny! If you’re gonna do something might as well own it, right! Besides, 700h.p. (in a 2200 lb. car) is kinda like a giant F-U to the world anyway!!!
    Badass car, love the web-site. Always loved Adams rants, knowing that he is a true gearhead and seeing how serious all his old buddies are about cars/bikes downright makes him a diety!!!

    • CarCast says:

      The valve covers were hand cast, and weight about 6 lbs each. A friend made them 20 years ago for his twin turbo salt flat racer. Loved the BBC like I do, just never thought they would end up in an AC ;)

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