SMS 570x Challenger, Mollypop 2009 Mustang


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SMS 570x Challenger, Mollypop 2009 Mustang

Adam and Steve check out the hot SMS 570X Challenger. Adam in a Dodge? Well no, it’s really a SMS 570X Supercharged 700hp Challenger. Steve also brings in his Daughters car the 2009 Mollypop Mustang with it hot pink paint and scenic roof.

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17 Responses to “SMS 570x Challenger, Mollypop 2009 Mustang”

  1. Luna says:

    I know Adam has pounded on Saabs and Audis before, what does he have against Dodge / Chrysler? (Outside of the K cars of course, lol)

    Keep up the great CarCasts. I’ll come back for the videos.

    • Travis says:

      Well there is a reason they went Bankrupt.

    • CarCast says:

      First off I am a Plymouth fan so the Dodge thing is already a problem for me :)

      What really had Dodge put up that is worth talking about? Viper mmmmaybe, but with an 8.4L motor (500+”) in this day an age? A bunch of ‘Bad Boy’ 4 doors and station wagons with 20″ wheels? The Crossfire and it’s menacing V6? The Prowler? The New Hemi?

      I think the Challenger one of the first really nice thing Dodge has done in a while. Not for the lack of trying, most of the stuff that Dodge has done doesn’t rock my boat, but the Challenger is a keeper!


  2. Lance Carbuckle says:

    I love this retro muscle car war stuff. Remember when Detroit had fun coming straight from the factory? Roadrunner horns that went “meep-meep”, Superbird Daytona wings, crazy names for colors and wild decals? Boss 302, shaker hood scoops, Yenko, etc. Factory fun. Aftermarket wackiness. It was bitchin. I think its great to see it back, even if most of us can’t afford it. The butterfly in the hood is pretty trick. That is a fun ride. I like the Hurst special edition too.

  3. John says:

    Sorry Adam , love that Dodge. What’s the chances they take the Dodge and put a Cummins in it with the Banks type of mod’s ?

  4. chris says:

    the SMS car is ugly. to many weird body lines IMO. The Hurst cars are much more appealing

  5. Willus says:

    Wish he would have brought an S7. Can’t wait to see the SMS Camaro.

  6. Brandon says:

    So the red butterflies feed into the engine compartment and not directly to the airbox? It looked like just 2 short ram intakes behind the headlights. I don’t get how that gives you good direct air to the intake manifold, but then again I know sh- about cars.

  7. Jim Simms says:

    Thanks for the video.
    Will you hold your shots longer. Lets me see whats going on.

  8. Jim Simms says:

    Very impressive.

    Saleen needs a PR dept. I had no idea they went so far beyond the cosmetics.
    I have a CLK55 AMG. Sounds like Saleen is doing kind of what AMG did before Merc bought them.


  9. Brent says:

    LOL, at the end there, the awesome sound of a SOHC 4.6 engine bay, weak sauce. Need to get some of the Camaros on here from the SEMA show once it is complete.

  10. Travis Y says:

    This is great stuff. Let’s see some turbo so we don’t pull HP from the crank.

  11. Bobby Ewing says:

    Here are some more pictures of the Saleen 570x Challenger with an “alternate” review

  12. Billy says:

    80 Grand for that pile !!!!! ???? Looks like a Mexican down my street stole a brand new Challenger and molested it himself! I’d rather have the SRT8 and put a vortech supercharger on it myself and save 35 Grand. Though… I would never buy a Dodge !

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