Spectre 1970 El Camino


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Spectre 1970 El Camino

Adam and Amir check out the ultra cool Spectre Performance El Camino. This 1970 custom ‘Camino features a late model Corvette LS7 Z06 engine with ‘some work’ done to it. Jimmy Shine at So-Cal did much to make this not only haul ass but handle on the track.

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21 Responses to “Spectre 1970 El Camino”

  1. Nick G says:


    The El Camino sounded excellent.

    • Geoff says:

      Huge Adam fan, I’ve been a devoted listener for 15 years. But…that “don’t ever correct me on camera” joke stopped being funny the 35th time I heard it. Painful! Put that one away.

      • peter says:

        First off. Jeff doesn’t even know how to spell his name.F him.
        I have listened to you for fourteen years. Do what you do Adam. You are awesome. I’m 55 yrs. old. I totally get you.

      • Seb says:

        I actually think it’s funny pretty much every time I hear it. I think if he stopped doing it, then you’d probably all start bitching about that.
        It’d like having John Madden stop saying “BOOM!”
        Or John McEnroe stop saying “You can not be serious!”

  2. MrRedDevil says:

    Good to hear Jeff Gordon on the carcast.

  3. carl says:

    amir rosendouche this guy SUCKS what a condescending prick

  4. ben nguyen says:

    What was the name of that tool he mentions that mounts to the rim and you roll it along the fender to get rid of dings?

    • CarCast says:

      I don’t know if it was designed to get rid of dings, but to roll the inside of the fender for wider tires. Check it out at –


      Look under autobody and fender roller that should show what he was talking about


      • Kris Clewell says:

        I have one of these, and they work GREAT as long as the suspension geometry will accept it. on some smaller, and very low cars you wont be able to get the roller to do its job, and you’ll end up falling back on the baseball bat trick, which consequently is almost guaranteed to crack your paint. You must must MUST use a heatgun when using the eastwood.

        • CarCast says:

          Yeah, I rolled the fenders in the front of the mustang with a sledge hammer and block of wood and it’s not pretty :) One can learn from mistakes, and later a friend showed me the baseball bat trick, which prior to seeing it in action I was thinking, damn how is that better then beating it with a hammer? Didn’t use the thinking cap that’s for sure as no beating was involved.

          Ruined my wood bat though…But came out much better then the hammer. No fancy Eastwood tool around when I did it, but when I saw the tool, it made me want one to fix up the job.


  5. Scodge says:

    Of course the car has Hydraulic Brakes. What does it use the actuate the piston in the calipers? Good Intentions? It may not have a Vacuum Booster of Hydro-boost, but it must use brakes lines, fluid and a master cylinder.

    Adam: The “correcting you on camera” gag isn’t funny anymore. Please stop it.

    • CarCast says:

      I cringed when they started talking about the brakes as I knew what they ment but they couldn’t get it out. I kept picturing the brake pedal with a cable pulling a lever on the calipers like the old go-kart style brakes. That’s what happens when the Professor is not on site to police the tallent ;)


  6. friarguy says:

    I still like correcting you on camera gag…personally the real change I would like to see is Adam witha a few more cocktails in him. I’ve noticed it during a few segments and it really livens things up.

  7. Andy H says:

    I am with Adam on hating the people with slammed Civics that have NOS and cold air, but for those of us who live in the midwest there are definite benefits to a front wheel drive car. I wouldn’t want to take one to the track, but they’re a hell of a lot nicer to drive around in from November to April in Minnesota.

  8. amrknmuscel says:

    In response to the caller at the end of the show looking for an SUV that will be sporty and fun to drive in Alaska.
    As much as I respect the opinions of Ganz and Ace, THE PATHFINDER!! He said he wanted something SPORTY and as much as the advice given on the show is focused on non-US cars what about the Trailblazer SS 390 hp / 400 ft lbs of torque or the SRT-8 Cherokee 425 hp / 420 ft lbs of torque? Both are available in AWD and both are nice driving in good weather or bad.
    It’s getting old to hear every car recommendation be an import. American car companies DO make some GREAT cars!
    And also….I believe the glass roof is a $5000.00 option on the Mustang, it’s NOT exclusive to Saleen cars, the guy builds a great car, but thinks he invented everything ever put on a car.

  9. Frank says:

    I think the 70 Elco looks killer. I love the hollowed out eye sockets turned into cold-air intake ports. Love the car cast.

  10. Not Adam says:

    Adam, Adam, Adam…(slowly and disappointedly shakes head) I love you man, but you are have to step up your game on the tech talk. You sounded like a girl talking about how the football players have to run around the base thingys then get the little ball through the hoop at the end, on the pole with the little net on it. The term ‘hopper’ is all wrong here. Those are remote tanks, or reservoirs. Hoppers are used in a material feeding process. Think funnel or seed spreader. Next, and worst of all, “You mean it doesn’t have hydraulic brakes? It has manual brakes?” That’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said in a CarCast. You meant to say it doesn’t have vacuum assisted power brakes, because you didn’t see a Boost Canister. Only parking brakes are not hydraulic (which means fluid actuated.) C’mon big guy… You get a 2 for this one.

  11. Baker says:

    Not bashing, or hating but that joke of stop insulting me on camera is pretty cheezy. Honestly you need to update yourself from just the 50’s – 70’s car knowledge. I didn’t know the corvette was dry sump either…for the first week it came out, then after a test drive I cared to know and wala! I’m not one to leave negative feedback but come on ?!

  12. Spencer T says:

    Any chance of getting Amir’s F40 for a show? That thing is amazing!!!!!!!

  13. Benjamin S says:

    It’s a shame they don’t know about hydraulic brakes-Amir knows about the proportioning valve but doesn’t know it has a hydraulic system?
    So where is the brake fluid reservoir that Adam was asking about?

    Also, it looks like there is a braded line from the intake to the master cylinder, possibly the vacuum booster line? But I couldn’t see the vacuum booster.

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