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Steve Saleen

Adam Carolla and Steve Saleen talk about Steve’s background, the S7 Supercar and the new SMS 570X Challenger and his daughters Mollypop Pink Mustang. Then a quick lane change into Investments cars. Adam and Sandy come up with some interesting choices as usual. A quick pit stop with Skype calls. Ace and the Professor talk one end of of the road to the other with Replica cars to box stock Mustangs. And yes, you guessed it, we feature one of Adam’s Italian cars, his Dino Ferrari 308GT4 and then a wrap with John Salley’s First Car. Enjoy the ride!

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Quick Link to The Guest Car SMS 570X Challenger and Mollypop Mustang
Quick Link to John Salley’s First Car
Quick Link to dino Ferrari 380GT4

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18 Responses to “Steve Saleen”

  1. Luna says:

    That Dino 308 reminds me so much of my dad’s yellow Pantera.

    Did the De Tomaso / Tjaarda guys steal Bertone / Pininfarina for a while on those designs or were there lots of those noses back in those day? It was well before I was born.

    On a different note…

    I don’t know if it’s Donny putting together the image collections for the CarCasts but they are HUGELY appreciated and a fantastic way to increase the understanding, immersion, and educational value of the CarCast. Great idea and keep it up, hope you don’t burn out doing it.

    • CarCast says:

      Don’t all Italian cars of the era look the same :) Likely that was the look of the ear and designers flopped project to project. Might be like in the 50’s every car had to have a tail fin…

      The photo gallery are me and the Weez. Some day when we get the video podcast going they will be embedded into that as well. For anyone asking let me give you my stock response “I’ll get right on it”

      Thanks for the comments as well we always appreciate them!


      • CarCast says:

        Almost forgot, the slide show is now displayed BIGGER, since we had the room on the page no reason not to use it. When you get behind a PBR and do some real work it’s all good ;)


  2. KDS says:

    SALEEN!!!! He owes me $300 for those lousy lower rear control arms that I put on my Mustang 14 years ago. After two months on the car they cracked at the sway bar mount. When I called his shop down in Irvine, they told me that Saleen part only come with a 30 day warranty!

    • Joe S. says:

      Saleen probably didn’t even make those, they spray painted other vendor’s parts red and put a sticker on them. Saleen intake = Vortech intake, Saleen springs = Eibach springs.

  3. KDS says:

    Oh yeah. Great looking Ferrari. I remember seeing a yellow one like that tearing around Studio City when I was a kid (mid-late 70’s).

  4. Joe says:

    Can we get a history of Adam’s cars? We know about the Datsun pickup back in the carpet cleaning days and the Lamborghini’s now, but what about in between? What did Adam buy when he started to have some cash?

  5. 831Doug says:

    Another great podcast…too bad we have to wait another week!

    I really like the angular look of the 308 GT4. How reliable is the motor in that car? Seems like if anything happened, it would cost a boatload of cash to rebuild one.

    I love the Jag MkIII. My dad bought one when it was new so I was around it as a kid. Man, he was always wrenching on that thing…and talk about leaking like sieve. I think his MG TC was more reliable and leaked less oil.

    Oh, and Molly Saleen…wow!

    • CarCast says:

      Just because it’s a cheap Ferrari doesn’t mean it’s cheap to fix ;) Not sure but I’ll bet it’s a bit more reasonable as you can get to a lot of the engine more so then you would think. Don’t think your going to the local AutoZone for much of anyting on the car but you might check around for parts at some of the online places. I would say this don’t make this your daily drive if you get what I’m saying :)


  6. QuambaFu says:

    Nice Ford but what is the green steel frame with the red Look pedals? Steel is real!

    Molly isn’t that bad either…

    • CarCast says:

      That is my Pinarello road bike. It’s on the trainer now but no F’n time to ride and my ass shows for it. It is old school with Mavic SSC and non-index shifting. Good stuff. I have another Pinarello that is an Arco Games as well (really old). Good stuff even without an engine!


  7. Russ D. says:

    Enjoyed the CarCast as always, and thought your responses to the caller regarding the Factory Five replicas was dead on. As a fellow replica owner (289 FIA Cobra), I can attest to the fact that replicas are a BAD investment. Even if you buy one of the high dollar Kirkhams or Shelby CSX cars – if you are the first owner, it’s doubtful that you’ll ever be able to even get your initial investment back. And as far as the “econo Cobras” like Factory Five – there is pretty much no chance. And I’ve seen some really, really nice Factory Fives – but few that would ever bring more than $40k (and I know they had way more invested in the construction).

    One thing that the caller said was that he like the fact that replicas allow you to make whatever customizations and modifications you want to the car. That’s great – you can totally build the car any way you want – it’s your car. But you shouldn’t even mention that if you are thinking about “investment value”. If you truly want to get the most re-sale out of your Cobra replica, you had better A) buy the most authentic replica you can afford, and B) build it to be as period correct as possible.

    Just check Ebay or to see what the cars bring that have non-original colors, modern interiors, oversized wheels, crazy powerplants, etc. Most of the time, owners of those cars REALLY lose their asses. Again, you build the car however you want and enjoy the shit out of it once it’s done – but a replica Cobra as an investment is probably only one step above a putting your money into a ponzi scheme.

  8. Looks like Molly Pop’s got some mods of her own…..

  9. Nathan says:

    Suggestion for investment cars–the BMW E24 six series, particularly the M6 but any E24 would be a great buy. Probably not much potential for big appreciation, but they hold their value and in 10 years will go up. Plus they’re relatively bulletproof cars. The M versions are a little finicky but not too bad, and the non-M versions are super reliable and not too costly to maintain. And of course the best part is the looks, as sexy as a 1980s German car gets.

    • CarCast says:

      Been talked about a bit, don’t remember if it was an official Investment car, I’ll have to start putting the list to see what we actually have hit. And yes both Adam and I (or is that me and Adam) like those, especially the M6’s due to the mechanical delight and sound they have.



  10. Tom says:

    My wife downloads the Podcast each day to listen while walking and relays all the good points back to me. I love the photos posted in the Galleries, as it brings back many good memories. The 308 GT/4 was one of the more practical and comfortable Ferrari’s of that 70’s Era. Had a lot of fun driving them. The Ultima, M6’s, Orginal Saleen Mustangs, etc. I was lucky to have dealt with or driven many of these cars that flew under the Radar. With so many underrated cars that have come to the Market, it is nice to see a Gallery that still remembers them. Keep up the good Work..

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