Jim Wangers Signature Judge GTO


Jim Wangers Signature Judge GTO

Adam and Jim take a look at his modern day incarnation of the Judge GTO. A healthy 505 cubic inch Pontiac mill at 680hp might just do the trick. It’s odd that you would find a Pontiac painted in Chevrolet orange, but it looks good, but ‘Judge’ for yourself.

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19 Responses to “Jim Wangers Signature Judge GTO”

  1. capitalG says:

    That is sick adam!!!!!Very nice!!!

  2. Rob G says:

    This car sounds fantastic! FAST injection on a Olds BB good stuff ACE! If I had 135K (LOL) I’d grab one up in a heart beat. Best looking old school muscle I’ve seen in a while.

  3. random says:

    great podcast guys! All the history, and that goat is amazing!! By the way, is it just me or does Jim Wangers look like the “Fat Man” from Boondock Saints?

  4. Mwita06 says:

    I must know where Jim Wangers buys his hair. And does it come with a chin strap?

  5. phil says:

    amazing as always

    the burp was funny

  6. Dave says:

    I LOVE this car! Can’t wait for the video. This one looks like it can run away and hide from you..

  7. Mwita06 says:

    Video Coming Shortly???

  8. B Dilly says:

    What a pleasure Jim Wanger is. Cool dude. SWEET CAR. That fucking orange GTO is dead sexy.

  9. Judy Burns says:

    Hi Jim: Just checking if you’re OK. Didn’t get a Xmas card this year which made me check to see if you’re alright. David is getting engaged on Valentines Day – yeah! Ellyn is still at Lambs Farm and doing gr-8 and Andrea is still Andrea. No one special in her life. I have a life partner that I’m very happy with. He’s originally from Detroit, and was a profesor in History and ESL.

    E-mail me to let me know that everything is fine. Hugs! Judy

  10. ttamnoswad says:

    That drivers side headlight is not shimmed or aligned correctly and it is a huge distraction.

  11. Mike says:

    Sweet ride. I am just about finished with Jim Wangers Autobiography. Sounds like he had a most interesting career in Detroit.

  12. Fred Sanford says:

    I like the car, the GTO is classic muscle…However I feel its a bit gimped in its stance with those wheels/tires combo. Its like getting a date with a playboy model and finding out her teeth are gapped like Alfred E Neumans. I’d still hit it though…

  13. Bob says:

    The color, dear friends, is Carousel Red–a 1969 PONTIAC color.

    • Trey says:

      Bob, As a professional painter, I can tell you without a doubt that it is NOT “Carousel Red”. True, it would be the correct color for the car and the year. After trying to locate an actual color code for this car from many different website and coming up empty, I started digging through my chip-books at the shop. The closest match I can find is a House Of Kolor shade of orange, But a Yellow pearl would have to be added to it to match correctly. I’ve been digging at this for quite some time as I own a 69′ Judge ram air IV and would love to have some of the style cues and the color of Jim’s. Have to change the horrible rear end though! Looks like an after-thought!!

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