Nissan GTR, 370Z, Maxima


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Nissan GTR, 370Z, Maxima

Adam and Steve Millen take a peek at Stillen modified Nissan’s. A look at the 370z, the radical GTR, and back to reality with a Maxima. Adam squeezes in to the GTR and spins up the turbos.

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28 Responses to “Nissan GTR, 370Z, Maxima”

  1. ChrisfromAZ says:

    is the video not posted because it takes additional time to process? not trying to be a dick.

  2. Jeff says:

    read about the GTR in R&T this month, good article about a fantastic car. Glad you interviewed Mr. Millen, and that you’re getting better and better guests each week. Keep up the good work Ace and Sandy!

  3. zx11ninja says:

    like the Z car’s. Aceman, don’t recall why you got rid of your 350z. How much more performance did you get from the engine mod and intake?

  4. bored says:

    its a tease without the videos…

  5. chu says:

    GTR is overrated … over $87,000… go get a z06 instead or even …
    just buy an used 2007 evo IX for about $23000 … spend like $10,000 -12,000 … and that will already be more than enough to blow away the GTR …plus the GTR looks fat ..

    • dennis says:

      The GTR and Z06 have the same base price.
      But their performance numbers differ.
      The ZR1 is the only corvette that compares to the GTR,
      and its 130,000$.

      • Brent says:

        ZR-1 is MUCH faster and something like 116k (you can watch videos of them track/road racing and running the 1/4 all over you tube). The ZR-1 and Z06 also has a much better sound comming out the back. I beleive the GTR also sells for well over MSRP. Z06 is much older and you can get them brand new for well under MSRP. I have full confidence the Next Gen Z06 Will be much better just like this last Z06 was better than the one before it.

  6. patrick says:

    I shiite you not, you really need to get sponsors. I listened to the podcast today at the gym, and immediately went to the Nissan dealer. My Maxima is over 4 years old and I’m looking for a new car. Unfortunately it’s SUnday so nothing was open, but I was prompted to go after listening to the podcast.

    These carcast podcasts are great, and I’m not a gear head

  7. Phil says:

    Steve “This hood here weighs 27 lbs standard and this one weighs 7″

    Adam “So you shaved 19 lbs off the thing”

  8. Sam Vance says:

    Just for the record:

    The Maxima has 270hp and the 370Z has 332hp. I know there was some confusion on that in the last couple weeks. I sell Nissans in the Cincinnati area.

    Adam would love the Monterey Blue colored 370Z Roadster since it’s very close to Gulf Racing Blue.

  9. Luke says:

    I have an H2 and rally race as much as I can. I love my H2 and use it as a race/Sunday car. I can’t stand the go green queers that bash anything that uses fuel. Hate it! So could you say a little something about Hummers? I would love your opinion! Love it!

    Anyway, thanks for the Podcasts! I listen every day and week and wish I could sponser you! I could sent you a pro recorder though! Thanks

    Luke (Stationed in Hawaii. USCG)

    Mahalo! (love that joke by the way!)

  10. Jim C. says:

    I love watching Adam trying to get out of this car. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  11. Nick G says:

    That GTR sounds like heaven!

    • Nick G says:

      It was funny watching Adam get out of the GTR. I had a Lotus Elise and I took great pleasure watching people try to get in and out. Good times.

  12. zackn9ne says:

    Steve Millen looks and sounds just like what I would have guessed.

    Brilliant nissan’s too.

  13. Billy says:

    For the sake of this argument!

    The ZR-1 clearly comes out on first! Not my words!

    Btw check out Chevys website. You can pick one of those babies up for 106k and beat the GTR in everything!

  14. CLINT says:

    Whats up Adam,the show is awesome & I especially liked the carcast w/ the nascar boys when they came out 2 california speedway, it was a great show 4 me as far as being a big jeff gordon fan & carolla fan, also all the shows on the A.C. network kick ass! THANK YOU & GOOD DAY SIR…..I SAID,”GOOD DAY!”

  15. Zender says:

    You can only ‘beat the GTR in everything’ if you are a highly trained race car driver. I know that everyone on the internet is a F1 driver and a MMA fighter and a cat 1 bike racer and played off-guard in the NBA but c’mon, you have to admit that with all the ‘keep-you-safe’ electronics in the GTR, it is still the better package for the average mid 40s guy who wants to come in under 100K for a sports car. Notice I didn’t use the word exotic since none of the cars in the discussion really qualifies.

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