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Steve Millen

Adam and Steve Millen talk about some past present and future of some of the cars Steve has driven. They check out a few of of the Stillen modified cars including a 370Z, Nissan GTR and a Maxima. The off to the Petersen Automotive Museum for a tribute to Trans-Am racing with a couple of special interviews with Pete Brock, John Morton, and Dan Gurney. And a wrap up with Celebrity Car with Paul Schafer.

Link to Steve Millen’s site for Stillen performance products

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Quick Links

Quick Link to Nissan GTR, 370Z and Maxima
Quick Link to Paul Schafer’s First Car
Quick Link to SEMA 2009

Trans-Am Tribute at the Petersen Automotive Museum

Dan Gurney

Pete Brock and John Morton

Image Gallery

Thanks to Seiji Kishi for without his generous contribution of images and support we would not have been able to bring you some of the Trans-Am images.

And Special thanks to the Petersen Automotive Museum

9 Responses to “Steve Millen”

  1. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. What’s not to love about the (4th slide in) legendary DOHC Jaguar XK engine? Born just after the war. Won Le Mans more times in the 50s than any other engine. Still managed a 4th place finish at Le Mans 13 years after being introduced to the world. Powered everything from race cars (C- & D-types) and sports cars (XK 120/140, XK-SS, E-type) to sedans & luxury cars, and even British tanks! (Scorpion & Scimitar.) It soldiered on in various machines from 1949 through the early 90s. Great engine. One of the better exhaust notes ever.

    • CarCast says:

      Yeah the Jag 6 is a wonderful engine, sounds and looks good. Drove them in my ma’s old beat up Jags.


      • Finally listened to this one last night. Great job guys. The time will come for the Japanese cars in vintage racing… as soon as the old guard die off, or enough guys from our generation (I’m Adam’s age) work their way in. The gatekeepers of the Historics are all in their 60s and 70s and to them Japanese sports cars are like fart-can Hondas to us. The time will come soon enough.

        I missed the Petersen when I was in LA this past summer. A ticket to the Art Center car show fell into my lap and I went there instead. Next time I’m there I have to go to the Petersen, if only to see McQueen’s XK-SS.

        Keep up the good work!

  2. Nick says:

    Another excellent podcast. I love Adam’s ability to make his guests laugh. Also, thanks for making the trip to the Peterson Museum. You do a good job showing off what LA has to offer in terms of car culture.

    I would love some more bike coverage!

  3. Datnut says:

    Yeah! More datsuns!

    • CarCast says:

      Much like the excess of Lambo’s you will be seeing more of the Datsun cars, but these are way more fun. Lot’s of good stuff in the works, just need some of them finished off but only Les can help us out here ;)


  4. ATX says:

    Can’t get enough Car Cast! Look forward to it every Saturday.

    Doesn’t Donny have an old Bronco in some state of disrepair? Would love to hear about it.

    • CarCast says:

      The Bronco is a subject that Me and Adam could spend and entire episode talking about. And it would be an emotional journey for the Weez to say the least…

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