Vic Edelbrock


Vic Edelbrock

This weeks CarCast is another special episode. Adam Carolla, Sandy Ganz, and Vic Edelbrock walk around and talk about the history of the company and look at many of the Edelbrock cars. From the beginning roots of his fathers 32′ racer to his new Supercharged Corvette, Vic gives us the grand tour of the Toy Store, and talks candidly about his father and how he built the Edelbrock Company.

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Edelbrock Museum

Edelbrock Supercharged Corvette

Edelbrock Company Photos

Edelbrock Design and Dyno Rooms

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27 Responses to “Vic Edelbrock”

  1. John says:

    Great Podcast. You should do a segment on listener cars – It doesn’t have to be a lengthy segment and you could screen listeners submissions. I’ve got an 87 GNX and a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB that I’m proud of.

    I’ve also got a bitchin 1.6 litre Dacia Sandero.

  2. Eric says:

    Adam: I love the regular podcasts, but the Carcast which started slow, is really hitting stride. (At least for me) Interviewing these guys, who have so much history in the performance car market/era, and their ability to share a story rather than sell something (okay there’s a little bit but very light)is refreshing. You get to the real depth of their experiences.

    Keep up the work and continue to find the “working parts” of the car industry.

  3. Kenb says:

    Great guests on the CarCast!!!

    I think it is great to have Ford supporting the show.

  4. Grant says:

    OKAY. That’s the first time I’ve turned off the Carcast before it was over. Adam, you musta been dying. That guy started talking when you introduced him and he didn’t shut up until the mic was cut off. I don’t think he heard a word you said…he just had his stories and BY GOD he was going to tell them.

    I know you book these guests and who the hell knows what is going to happen…but this guy. you shoulda just kicked him in the balls to break his rhythm. i’m sure he’s a nice main but TORTURE for the listener.

    I’d rather listen to you rev your lambo for a half hour.


  5. Oscar says:


    I guess these car guys are not as funny as the regular guests we’re used to from the podcast/radio show, While the knowing the story of the guy was interesting, I was getting bored at some point , some “break” with calls and investment cars would’ve been great!

    Also It’d be fantastic if Adam could do a section with some reviews and driving of some of the cars presented, with rants about them and all, some sort of what Ace’s top gear would’ve been

    Willing to hear more commercials in order to keep CarCast and podcast going!

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Mark says:

    Wow, great interview. This reminds me of my dad buiding a 428 cobra jet in the basement for his ’67 Mustang Coupe (he bought new). He had the engine bored and stroked. All of the Edlebrock aftermarket parts were put on, he did this in ’82. This care blew the doors off of anything he met on th road. I remeber being 15 years old thinking I would someday get behind the wheel of this car. NEVER happened!

    Your dad had issues but mine was right up there, imagine being the kid of a gear head who worked on a ’70 Boss 302, ’54 Ford flat head, a 32 kit car and a ’67 Mustang who helped restore all of these cars and never allowed to drive them. UGH!

  7. I see the new Nissan Leaf is going to be available soon. I didn’t even know they were working on a plugin car. Looks like they beat Honda and Toyota to the punch :) Now to compare to the Chevy Volt to see the differences.

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