Vic Edelbrock


Vic Edelbrock

This weeks CarCast is another special episode. Adam Carolla, Sandy Ganz, and Vic Edelbrock walk around and talk about the history of the company and look at many of the Edelbrock cars. From the beginning roots of his fathers 32′ racer to his new Supercharged Corvette, Vic gives us the grand tour of the Toy Store, and talks candidly about his father and how he built the Edelbrock Company.

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Edelbrock Museum

Edelbrock Supercharged Corvette

Edelbrock Company Photos

Edelbrock Design and Dyno Rooms

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27 Responses to “Vic Edelbrock”

  1. JB says:

    Love the carcast, I don’t really know much about cars but I enjoy it anyway. the extent of my car knowledge comes from gran turismo 2 on the playstation. keep up the good work guys

  2. random says:

    I am against racing midgets!! Good Carcast, even though Vic didn’t have much of a since of humor.

  3. 831Doug says:

    Another great CarCast!! Vic gave Adam a run for the money in the talking department…didn’t think that was possible. :-)

  4. detorn says:

    you need to leak the Top Gear pilot… Internet attention will get the show picked up… Show would be perfect with Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs… DO IT!

  5. 831Doug says:

    Oh yeah….there’s a 1967 Smokey Yunick Chevelle for sale at Canepa. The details on the car are amazing!

    • CarCast says:

      Cool car, looks to have had much of the ‘Rule Bending’ that the Galaxie has. See if we can get it as a loner for a few days and I’ll promise to return it with a full tank of gas.


  6. DT says:

    Great stuff. My father raced Rosetta Timing Assoc prior t it becoming SCTA…then he raced SCTA. That was the real hot rod goods there…

    Love the show, I usually fire it up when I go out to the garage on a saturday for a few beers and maintenance on our ‘collection’ (two M3′s). Just wish it was longer. I also wish the show was longer ;-)

  7. Tankfist says:

    Love both podcasts! Just wanted to know if you guys were planning on doing any more of the movie muff segments. I really enjoyed those.

    • CarCast says:

      Yes, have a few that people submitted, but just tight for time to get those going. I’ll start getting on that as it was a good start with Armageddon, I still love the 800 turbo horsepower line…


  8. STLMAN says:

    WOW!!!! GREAT PODCAST so much real history. just awsome. i could listen over and over . thanks adam for letting vic tell his story.

    • CarCast says:

      Vic was great, he and Christi were really nice for taking their Saturday afternoon off giving us the show and tell. The old stories were great, and lots more goodies that we got to see in person. If anyone is ever around when they have an open house it’s a great thing to do.


  9. SharkDriver says:

    Vic’s a living legend. Excellent podcast.

  10. jordan says:

    i love how this guy glosses over every single of adams jokes haha. he has zero sense of humor which makes it funnier somehow.

  11. What’s up with all the Flash-based graphics? I can’t see this stuff on my iPhone.

    Hey Ace, you should bring in Dana Brown. If you’ve never seen Dust to Glory, or any of Bud Brown’s old documentaries like On Any Sunday, Endless Summer, etc. you’ll dig it.


  12. AceofSpades says:

    Man I have never seen adam talk so little and looked out gunned. lost look as well

  13. AceofSpades says:

    I would throw in 5 bucks for top gear pilot ! but if its any thing like the aussie show its a dead cow!
    I have heard from people who at the taping it was not much magic in the air. word has Tanner Foust is a douche on the pilot.

  14. Mahar says:

    I did the drive ‘n pump on the way home from Boston to New Haven.
    Frustrated women, have to be in by twelve o’clock (Standells)

  15. Foster says:

    That Vic Edelbrock sure has some comedic chops. Goddamn, somebody get this guy a syndicated television show. Love the Carcast, but excuse me Adam while I commit hari kari with a screwdriver.

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