LA Auto Show 2009 Part 1


LA Auto Show 2009 Part 1

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz make the rounds at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show. This first part of a two part show will have interviews at Porsche, Dodge, BMW, Ford, Cadillac, and Motor Trend Magazine. Enjoy!

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Dodge Viper





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32 Responses to “LA Auto Show 2009 Part 1”

  1. Tom_from_China says:

    Great episode! Reminded me of the days when my dad would bring me to the car show but without the crowds. And I must say Donnie did a great job on the audio and the Image Gallery shots. Sorry that I wasn’t there to see it myself. Good Times!

  2. nater says:

    Love all of your shows Ace! How’d ya like to have to change those spark plugs on the Viper engine!? Great pics Donnie.

  3. nater says:

    Fun to see the professor holding Adam’s glass of pinot while he dry humps a BMW!

  4. Brad says:

    Another fun and interesting show… I entirely agree with Adam’s take regarding the last ten years of US car making (though I’d argue 20) and I think the big three realize now they can’t blame the mortgage fuck up for their economic woes; that, they have to pay more attention to the market they sell in and have to stop outsourcing so much work to foreign countries simply for cheap labour.

    Bringing the Holden Ute to American and flogging it as the new El Camino would be fine with me but building it for six dollars and hour isn’t.

  5. captain ham says:

    was huell howser at the auto show?

    • CarCast says:

      Yes, I think he was…

      “An Auto Show”, “An Auto Show”, “Amazing”…


      • Scott says:

        Huell definitely was at the show. I talked to him and mentioned that as an east coast guy, the only reason I even recognized his voice was because of Adam. He confessed that he’d “heard” that Adam talks about him a lot, but he claims never to have actually listened to any of it. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t buying any of it – particularly since he suddenly had someplace to be once I mentioned Adam’s name. Where could Huell Howser possibly HAVE to be? Wow… are those tires made of RUBBER?

        • Kim Henderson says:

          Hey, now. I’ve met Huell at a PBS event, and he is a great guy. He’s been almost everywhere in CA, and a lot of other places. Lots of stories.

          Yeah, he has a bucolic style, but look at his target market: PBS viewers, who tend to be older and like the more relaxed delivery.

          I’d love to see Adam do a similar show. But I’d doubt PBS would buy it.

          • CarCast says:

            I can see a new show “Huell Horsepower”… wait, that might not be so good. I do like watching his show in anticipation of him being ‘Amazed’ at stuff.


  6. squeege says:

    Near the end, what Sirius/XM show was Adam referring to?

  7. Mark says:

    Great show and pics. I enjoy the podcast very much. Could you talk more about the BMW EV Concept Car in video format? It seems not enough ground has been covered regarding how the engine works and the way it will impact automobiles in the future. The car looks like a million bucks. Aesthetically the BMW EV Concept Car is more valuable than the Bugatti Veyron.

    • CarCast says:

      We didn’t get much time to check it out. It was a really futuristing style, but we were so strapped for time we didn’t get the grand tour of it. The BMW guys were a bit stuffy, but isn’t that always the case ;).

  8. hoen says:

    great show. pics are almost there. it would be great if you could get a wider angle lens or back up to get the whole car in the pic. I would also like to see higher def pictures of the countach from last week. its almost like i’m looking at the 8-bit nintendo version of the coolest countach I have ever seen.

    thanks for the show.

    • CarCast says:

      Yeah, the few pics that we had were snatched from a video frame so they are going to be crap. We forgot to get some shots before he had to leave. We will have it back. He has a few more things to clean up on the car, but it looks way better then the winger version…

  9. Mwita06 says:

    The Video delays are taking the fun out of Carcast!

  10. P. Sayre says:

    Man oh man..the L.A. Auto Show, this bring back a memory. as being from Fresno I love the L.A. Auto Show because the only “Autoshow” we have here consists of a parking lot full of 1964-73 Impalas with airbrushed pictures of the Virgin Mary and Naked Female Aztec Warriors on the hoods.

    However..NEVER, EVER go on a weekend. I remember when I went there in 2006; I had just had my car stolen and was in the market for a new ride so I decided to take a drive down and take a look at everything in one location…I went on a Saturday, big Mistake. Ya see…the Auto Show is a cheap weekend in L.A., the buses all seem to end their runs right there at the convention center…ad in some two for one coupons and free admission for kids under 12…well…you can begin to see where this is going. I walked in and was immediately gridlocked in a stroller jam…30 minutes later I forced my way into the “Exotic” room so i could take a look at the Elise…Lotus had wisely put their fragile toys behind ropes…and were only allowing a few at a time to look…so there was a line…a long line. I stood for 30 minutes…watching as ma and pa kettle let the kids wallow over $41,000 worth of fiberglass, and chuckled to myself as two 275# plus East L.A. “Raiders” garb clad gangsters tried to wedge themselves into an Exige…and once there could not figure out how to get out; after almost 45 minutes..I walked away…there was a Lotus dealer on the way home. By the looks on the faces of the people working the booth…some serious adult libations flowed that night.

    I could go on all day about my last Auto Show experience…next time, I’m getting press credentials so I can look around. without waiting 15 minutes for some 400# woman, who has her 4 under 9yr old kids ALL wedged into a Boxster, to finish taking pictures of them.Thanks Ace and Crew…until I get my press creds…I have your tireless efforts!

  11. nater says:

    Oh, it looks like there are some just below the submit comment button. Observant I am…

  12. Lew says:

    Nice! Great audio! Hey, where are the hot model spokes persons? That use to be a hall mark of auto shows. I guess the auto makers are all business now…

    Two ways to deal with the douche who sits in the car to long: 1) just go up to the driver’s door and open it and start looking around like he’s not even there, 2)get in the passenger seat (if you can pull it off let some flatulence go then get out).

    • CarCast says:

      Yeah, not much in terms of “Booth Betty’s” these days. A few companies had them, but not like the old days. Yeah, next time, I think we are all going to jump in the car and just start Adam talking about some random rant… that should get anyone moving!

      The funny thing is this only happens on the more expensive cars, no trouble at Hyundai :)


  13. Mr. Fister says:

    The color of the Ford Fiesta looks more like “Shit Squeeze”. Zing! Cool car though. Great to see a good looking broad working the floor in such a male dominated zone.

  14. Christopher says:

    Great Videos! I Saw Adam Carolla at the BMW stand(actually walked into the shot, in the background). Was a great show, can’t wait for next year!

  15. ED says:

    I cant find your Rss feed i would like to subscribe to your content.

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