LA Auto Show 2009 Part 2


LA Auto Show 2009 Part 2

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz make the rounds at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show. This second part of a two part show will have interviews at Lexus, Audi, Toyota, Mini Cooper, and a wrap up with Consumer Reports


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Lexus LFA

Car Show Douche Bags



Mini Cooper

Ganz’s 2-Fer Ticket

Consumer Reports

18 Responses to “LA Auto Show 2009 Part 2”

  1. captain ham says:

    nice point about the bmw styling. you guys really know your cars. you should start taking cars out and driving them hard–like they do on Top Gear. otherwise nice job.

  2. Flatulator says:

    I have a better idea than ‘Sync:’ ‘Sink.’ It is a sink made for peeing. It will be shaped like an ice cream cone and have a little groove for your fuckstick. “Look ma, no hands!”

  3. Patrick Manpous says:

    Sandy, I hope you’re going to fight that ticket!

    There is no way a CHP can gauge the speed the of two vehicle simultaneously!

    This is what you need to do:
    1) File a sixty day continuance to delay the process.
    2) Submit a trial a written declaration and plead not guilty. Tell the judge that the cop at best could only approximate your speed because he was looking at two cars at the same time. Since the cop couldn’t accurately gauge your speed this ticket doesn’t have any legal merit.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    • CarCast says:

      Going to try to take the easy way out and do on-line traffic school. Will see how that goes. I was sure the guy in the Porsche-a was going to get the back end of a billy club but I guess the CHP didn’t like a giant SUV rolling as fast as I was. And you know, it’s all for a good cause, California is broke, and this could help. BTW has everyone with CA registration seen the cost this year…


  4. Julio says:

    MAN!!! I hope they don’t take that much time for the video, I haven’t play part 1 and still waiting…….

    • Please? says:

      Yeah tell me about it. I hate to sound like I’m not grateful for the carcast but c’mon, either post the videos or don’t post them at all, but stop teasing us. I check back everyday to see if maybe the video is up and it’s kind of a bummer to see that same “coming shortly” sign day in and day out. A little consistency would be nice. We’re not asking for much here, after all you guys are the ones that came up with the video idea in the first place. So why not follow through for us the way I and many, many other Carolla fans have followed through for him over the years? Pretty please?

      • CarCast says:

        Videos up. Part one and Part two both have them. One or two may be pending, but the bulk are now up. BTW if we could do them sooner we would. Our hands have been full with some new podcasts coming up. The little delay will be worth it, and again sorry for that but we are pushing them out asap.


        • Please? says:

          You’re right, it was worth the wait. Thanks Sandy and Merry Christmas to you and everyone else over at the “Ace Broadcasting Network.”

          • CarCast says:

            Right back at ya!

            If you can imagine how must stuff we are trying to get off the ground it’s almost comical that we get anything up!

            Hopefully the Weez doesn’t lose his mind before we get him some help editing the videos and shows (He does them all).

            Thanks for hangin’ in!


  5. Brian Daniel Cavanaugh says:

    I am on the same page with you guys on the BMW styling. BMW has really lost their way. I was at the Boston car show while you where doing this. Hardly anyone showed up to this including Benz and Jaguar, but all all companies Saab was still there!

    • brad says:

      Looking back to last week’s carcast the prediction around’s this being Saab’s last carshow was right on the money…the company went under that week.

  6. Tyler Durden says:

    Adam and Crew — Happy Holidays!!!

    Thank you so much for everything this year!!!

    Bless you!!!

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