2010 CarCast Kick Off


2010 CarCast Kick Off

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2010. Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz take you on a tour of the shop where the CarCast magic happens. We take a look at the work area as well as the ‘Playground’. Then we pick up the phone and give the callers a chance to ask some questions. Finally we wrap up with legendary car customizer George Barris who tell the tale of James Dean’s wrecked ‘Little Bastard’.

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61 Responses to “2010 CarCast Kick Off”

  1. Logan U. says:

    You guys do a great job already for putting out a great free product. At least I have about an hour at work every day that I can tolerate. Anything you guys do to improve the podcasts will be greatly appreciated, at least most of your listeners.

  2. mchugh says:

    Thanks for the work, I comute 54 miles one way (yes I have a wife that tould me to get a real job)so I have lots of time to listen to you and I like your spin on all advertisers
    How about a show in southern Oregon
    Ashland has large theaters so does medford and you have a many fans in this area That would support you worth cause
    shop teacher (computer,construction automotiveand local contractor

  3. CarCast says:

    Thanks, still a long way to go, but we are moving forward.

    Sandy and the Crew

  4. Adam, Love the Podcasts and the guys you have surrounded yourself with. I am a chainsaw carver in Missouri (Yeee-Haw) and while I carve I listen to one of your many podcasts piped into my earmuffs. Keep up the great podcasts and I will support you whatever direction you go with these things. Glad to finally take a gander at your shop, I’ve been trying to picture it based on your descriptions in former podcasts, but the video was a pleasure. It looks like the ultimate man cave. My man cave is all wood, logs, chainsaws, and beaver pelts.
    I’m getting ready to build a Demo derby car this spring out of a 1985 Lincoln, (not LeMans, but this is Missouri), I’ll be ordering some ACE stickers for the car.
    This is all I’m saying……your stuff is a BIG part of my listening entertainment each day…muhalla

  5. Chip says:

    What happened to the investment car of the week? I am going to be in the market for an investment car this summer and loved listening to that part of the Car cast. If anything it will help justify my “investment” to my wife.

  6. Billy says:

    I could not be more tired of Sandy’s inside jokes followed by Adam’s uncomfortable chuckles. I’m sure you’re an automotive genius but would you leave the jokes to Adam please? And, lose the trash talking. I’m not a ricer but even I’m tired of hearing you joke those guys. You’re on a show, not joking around with buddies, how about you not alienate an entire group of tech savvy (ie probably podcast listening) gear heads. How about when Donny talked about someone sending him some shocks and then you joke about the quality, smooth.

  7. mad says:

    I can’t watch the videos! Does anyone else have this problem?

  8. Clayton Ashley says:

    Hey Sandy,

    There are more of us that enjoy the show than there are complainers and losers like Billy. He reminds me of a stalker that doesn’t want anyone around “his” Adam.

    Or maybe it’s really Adam (posting as Billy) getting a bit in. ha ha ha

    Thanks for all the effort put into the show.

  9. ian says:

    Loving the tour of the warehouse. Liked seeing weez’s mini bikes finally. Love your repertoire with Adam ganz keep up the good work. Also screw billy I love hearing the stories behind the inside jokes. I also happen to like a few and own a ricer 240sx and its funny when ganz rips on them(ricers) because its all true. Great work guys, you make down time in my life bearable with all this awesome programming.

    • CarCast says:

      It’s all in good fun. I do like a lot of ‘ricer’ cars, 240sx is another sleeper that I had my eye on a while back, but just too many unfinished projects. We are working with some contacts to do a show on some proper Asian imports that I’ll call ‘Tuners’ which are all business, and stuff that will be interesting.


    • Charlie says:

      I know I’m a little late on this, but I only discovered the CarCast in late Feb. Anyway, that kid Billy probably is a “ricer”, since he’s butthurt by Sandy’s comments. I own a WRX and a 240SX project (money pit) car, and I don’t consider myself a ricer. In my opinion, if you’re doing it right, i.e. keeping everything in good taste, form following function, etc. then that’s not rice. Besides, it’s just a podcast, have fun with it. If you don’t like it, quit listening.

      Anyway, I love the CarCast, I can’t get enough of the humor mixed in with talking about cars.

      • CarCast says:

        Hey Charlie –

        Better late then never! And yes, I am a fan of many Japanese cars, just not the ones with a Blue LED’s, bullet hole stickers, yellow speed stickers, and the gigantic 14K RPM Tachometer with it’s red line set to 13K on the stock motor :) I love the WRX and 240SX, as well as a most old Datsun cars like Ace, it’s a poser problem not a Japanese car problem at all.


  10. Dana says:

    Love the Carcast guys; not just boring coverage of car shows, you guys get some interesting stories and don’t always keep it PC.
    I’m looking forward to seeing a couple of Adam’s BRE cars at the Mitty 2010. I’ll be there with my clone and I hope you can make it out there so you can bust on my ride!

  11. Brent says:

    Ganz you should see if you can get into Katech in Michigan. They can show Ace some true racing dominance there.

  12. ITXLR8Z says:

    Ganz wasn’t talking trash about Ricers in general but lets face it the stickers on your Hondas don’t make them go any faster.

    Love the Podcasts. I have about a 1 hour comute to work and they make the ride enjoyable.

  13. Mike B says:

    Love the router story. I wasn’t so impressed with your workshop though. Where’s the rack of power tools? Where the router table and the planer and the oscillating spindle sander? And take that resaw blade out of the bandsaw so you can do some curve cuts.

  14. Eric says:

    So weird to see things when you’ve only heard them for so long.

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