Aston Martin Day


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Aston Martin Day

Well, not exactly. Courtney Hanson brings in a Thunderbird, her DB9 Convertible, and Ace and Ganz take the opportunity to show off their Aston Martin’s. Curiously the Thunderbird does not make it into to many of the pictures…


Courtney Hansen

14 Responses to “Aston Martin Day”

  1. Sam Vance says:

    Marriage material, right there fellas. Wow.

  2. B.SCOTT says:

    How could you not leave a comment you have a very beautiful women and a bunch of the best cars in the world DB9,VANTAGE, VANQUISH, give me any one of those.

    They are the most beautiful cars around thank you so much for giving a little glimpse into a work of art vehicle.

    Side note i would love a pod cast on F1 racing we have USF1 for the 2010 season and i think we can show some of those redneck, beer drinking, truck driving, goat raping,toothless wife, nascar freaks what real racing is all about. cant say enough about F1 its just the best of racing there is so if you can please put up a pod cast or a mention of the USF1 team and lets show the europeans that we can hold our own in F1 racing.

  3. JD says:

    Hey Sandy –

    What line of work were you in that allowed you to amass such a collection of incredible cars and not have to sell them all, once you were without a full time gig?

    • CarCast says:

      Came from an internet shopping comparison engine ( Picked up a few of the cars while single and had nothing to do but spend money on car parts :) Was at the company for close to 10 years, and it was a good ride so to speak. All cars are paid for so now it’s just figuring out how to pay the mortgage and fill the tanks.


      • JD says:

        Thanks for writing back Sandy. It’s really cool that you’re watching what people write and responding to questions. Makes this huge fan an even bigger one. Thanks for all the great shows. I would be more than happy to pay for them and give you guys the compensation you justly deserve. Hope you get rich enough to buy many more of your favorite cars. Oh yeah, also, can you teach Adam enough to say something other than “plenum” or “how many pounds of boost are you running,” followed by a comment about “pre-detonation,” every time somebody pops a hood?

  4. Ricky G. says:

    So, you cleaned up for this one. I see you are dressed better than usual as well. Man this girl Courtney Hanson sure looks good.

    Be careful. Very very careful.

  5. carl says:

    Courtneys man looked like some eurotrash tool.

  6. Joelus Maximus says:

    Were there cars in that interview? I didn’t notice!

    Ba bam!!!

  7. Rhett says:

    Bizrate, I was wondering what you did for a living Sandy. I love Adams Aston, the color and the mods make it look soo clean. The only change I would make is the wheels. Those black aftermarket wheels that I see on Hondas, look really cheap on an Aston Martin. Im with you on the rotor to rim ratio you mentioned before, but the rims on Courtney’s car looked awesome, Adam how could you downgrade, you usually have good taste.
    Love the carcast especially when you go to events. I listen to all the podcasts, the improv shows are hilarious (more Dana Gould please).
    Keep up the great work.

  8. Kip Amore says:

    I did a little research a while back on the “new” T-bird. Ford made it for only 3 years. The first year was such a colossal flop that they cancelled the car during the first year. The second and third year were just to pay for the tooling I suppose. Ford sold less than 3000 cars the first year, and I think by year 3 they sold less than 1000. Those are 60s production volumes! So it’s quite a rare car by modern standards. Sandy is right – a future collectors item. Might be the last removable hardtop the big 3 ever make.

  9. Luciano says:

    A brand new hema-stat-valve hahahha…

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