Courtney Hansen


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Courtney Hansen

Adam Carolla, Sandy Ganz talk with Courtney Hansen and her History, some fun talk about fish Jello. Then out to the parking lot for Aston Martin day. We take a quick look at Courtney’s Foose Thunderbird, her DB9 Convertible, Adam’s Foose-ified DB9, and Sandy’s beautiful DB7GT, which even Adam likes. Then we pop back to take a look at another Movie Car that is smart, but has some fire power. Bud Brutsman wraps us up with an interview from the Source Interlink Media Open House. That’s this week on CarCast.

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Courtney Hansen

Sue Kessler’s Get Smart Sunbeam

Randy and Stevie Lorentzen at Source Interlink Media’s Open House

Bud Brutsman at Source Interlink Media’s Open House

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