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Courtney Hansen

Adam Carolla, Sandy Ganz talk with Courtney Hansen and her History, some fun talk about fish Jello. Then out to the parking lot for Aston Martin day. We take a quick look at Courtney’s Foose Thunderbird, her DB9 Convertible, Adam’s Foose-ified DB9, and Sandy’s beautiful DB7GT, which even Adam likes. Then we pop back to take a look at another Movie Car that is smart, but has some fire power. Bud Brutsman wraps us up with an interview from the Source Interlink Media Open House. That’s this week on CarCast.

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Courtney Hansen

Sue Kessler’s Get Smart Sunbeam

Randy and Stevie Lorentzen at Source Interlink Media’s Open House

Bud Brutsman at Source Interlink Media’s Open House

39 Responses to “Courtney Hansen”

  1. Ian says:

    Man I absolutely loved this episode of Carcast, my fav hands down. Being from MN it was awesome to hear BIR mentioned. Also having a hot chick in the studio brought out the best in Ganz and Ace, I could really tell how much of a good time you guys were having, plus she knew more about autos than me which was emasculating and boner inducing. Fuck you guys got a good thing going here, it seems like this is adams favorite of the ‘casts because he always sounds jovial and relaxed when hes taping. Ganz your repertoire(spell check) with Ace is damn spot on and I’m so glad this podcast shit took off otherwise the ace community would never even knew you existed. Keep up the outstanding work fellas- Ian.

  2. Kevin says:

    Great job Donny and Sandy
    You guys are producing the ACP & Carcast better and better everyday

    Sandy, Do you like the 2011 Mustang 5.0?

    • CarCast says:

      The motor looks pretty good, and feed back from a few with ties to Ford are exited about it’s release too. I like the 3 retro cars a lot, Mustang, Camaro, Challenger. Would be a hard pick, each for me, has likes and dislikes. Shelby is doing the GT350 (Crap, I owe another dime for using his name) but it looks to be a nice car for ’11.


  3. Eeep says:

    Love the Carcast in general but his episode with Courtney was great. Keep up the good work and always post links to what the host is pushing in the show notes along with links to the car show you are at etc.

  4. Scot Mullen says:

    Great carcast, Adam I remember the first day after buying the Aston Martin. It was on an episode of the “Adam Corolla Project” I remember you saying… If you work hard and do everything right, you will still will never be able to afford this car. Hehe, I will never to be able to afford that car. And yes, when I see the car, I’m thinking, I’m going to change things up. I’m kinda interested on what car you would pick for the twins when they reach driving age? I know you don’t have time to answer me but, perhaps I should ask Jay the question. I love the carcast and the podcast and I’m lookng to the future. And I know I will love the Adam Corolla network. P.S.+ I really enjoyed Lynnete and Teressa, that was a very fun podcast’ hugs everyone

  5. Scot Mullen says:

    I love your carcasts, I’m a car guy. Very nice

  6. Clark Shipley says:

    Damn, what’s not to like? Oh yeah, the T-Bird. I guess Courtney could get away with driving way worse cars. Love the Pod Cast. Still don’t like the Chevy engine in a Mustang, but I’m sure it’s just jealousy.

    Great job guys.

  7. Cus says:

    Hey Guys,
    I continue to love every episode…You offer variety of old and new…foreign and domestic…and keep it entertaining. I am always excited about your guests…and even being a car guy for many years, you have opened me up to people and cars I am glad to experience and learn about! I cannot wait for my weekly Carcast !
    One criticism, however, is how you guys keep bringing p SAAB…when apparently, you don’t know anything about SAAB…
    I agree that their later GM days strung them along a a mediocre looking/performing and undesirable vehicle…Thus, their demise…HOWEVER…SAAB owned almost every endurance record in the 80′s, then came back in the 90′s and beat their own records…They truly used to be a unique and stylish vehicle with good performance…The SAAB 9000 of the 80′s was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro…For those who don’t know who he is, follow this link to see what cars he’s responsible for…It’ll blow your mind!
    Hemmings Sport & Exotic Car magazine had a great article about SAAB and their endurance records several months back, but I was unable to locate it online…but did find where it was covered by Motortrend, Popular Mechanics and others…here’s a link to the Motortrend article and the Talledega Challenge, but you can google search it and dig up plenty more…
    I’ve always been a Porsche guy, and that’s what I currently drive…but owned an 84 SAAB 900 Turbo and loved that car…I didn’t own one since, but I kept it longer than I have kept any other car I have owned and drove the shit out of it for about 180,000 miles…Will they be collectibles?…Nah…but they were good cars…

    • CarCast says:

      Giugiaro, yep, saw the Mustang and immediately thought who ruined this car ;) It was not at all anything I like, but others might. The Saab, well even the the Crosley Hot Shot won the first Sebring race, but maybe the Saab is a bit better. Just odd, and when I used to check out the U-Pick-Your-Parts places back in the 90′s, plenty of Saab’s in a nice row with fresh meat always coming in. Better then the POS American cars of the time, likely but still no my cup of tea. Stick with the Porsche ;) One thing, never fall for cars that win races as a reflection on how the ‘stock’ version of the car will be. What they are racing and what you get rolling out of the show room are only closely related. Good stuff, and don’t mean to pick on the Saab, but they likely are not a sponsor so I won’t feel too bad, hmm, ask me about Spyker :)


  8. Aaron K. says:

    This is such an awesome show. I started listening to it to hear more Adam, but then it really got me interested in cars and everything discussed on here. Very awesome guys! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ADAM AND SANDY (AND DONNY)!!!

  9. ray goldman says:

    Nice Couches

  10. ray goldman says:

    Nice Couches and Thats a nice everyday sweater.

  11. ray goldman says:


  12. Rrrrrrrrrr says:


    Get some more hot starlets with hot expensive cars for Adam to interview

    Thank you, Rrrrrrrrrr.

  13. phil says:

    whoa look at that mullet

  14. Michael says:

    Aston Martin excellence + Ace’s beloved Gulf Racing paint scheme = The LMP1

  15. Becky Mack says:

    Great post. Thanks for the info

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