Ace and Ganz Taking your Calls


Ace and Ganz Taking your Calls

We keep it simple this episode of CarCast we take your calls and chat it up! We hear about hood ornaments, GTO’s, Toyota’s recalls, Nissan, a slipping clutch and tools. We even toss in a bit more about Top Gear USA. Enjoy the show!

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30 Responses to “Ace and Ganz Taking your Calls”

  1. Lucas says:

    Adam on Real Time! My worlds colide! Yes, a liberal commie that loves the smell of 100 octane!

    Great job on Maher, Adam.

  2. grisly Terror says:

    A little behind on my podcasts and only got to this one today. Adam mentioned “casting off” the Bronco. Well, the guys over at FastLaneDaily just had a podcast that mentioned is doing a “Cliff your ride” contest. Users enter to win a chance to have their vehicle hurled off a cliff and get $30K toward another ride on I get the vibe Adam would love to see that happen.

    Link to FastLaneDaily episode:
    Link to contest:

  3. Collin says:

    Adam and Professor Ganz I got a question for you. So I own an 83′ datsun 280zx turbo (I love the look of the old z cars, but the zx was more in my price range and didn’t need as much fixing up) last night I was driving and all of a sudden whenever I passed 3000rpm I could no longer accelerate it felt as though I had clutched in, like the engine was disengaged. I then realized the turbo charger was no longer spooling up (the boost gauge would read the negative pressure and approach zero but never go positive), but if I kept it below 3000rpm in first or second I was able to scoot along alright. I popped the hood to take a look and a small cloud of steam was wafting out. However on the inside of the bonnet there was what looked like some liquid had exploded from somewhere. It wasn’t hot just greasy and all over the turbo charger, and I don’t think it smelled (I have had a cold the past 3 days so who knows, my buddy said it didn’t). I’m at college and don’t even have a place to work on my car but I was just curious if you might know if the turbo seized or if it was something less serious. I’d hate to have to part ways with my datsun after the decent amount of time and money i’ve put into it.


    • CarCast says:

      Collin –

      Hard to say what let loose. I have had a several turbo bearing go south on a Buick GN back in the day but never had them blow oil externally. Check around the engine and see what let loose as that will be your first step in isolating the problem. It does not sound good in any case. Check manifolds and plumbing as well, might be a cracked something or others. Also hit up the ZX forums, I’ll bet you will find an expert on the car that can also get you going quickly.


  4. Mike from Chicago says:

    Hey Ganz,

    Not even that much of a car guy, but love Carcast. That says something about how good of a job you guys do. I’m posting here b/c you’re great at replies…what’s up with Ace on the House? Is it ever coming back? It was awesome. I can’t quite afford the stuff you guys talk about on Carcast, but I can afford DIY home projects…and so can most people. I think that’s why it would be a successful show. Could you ask Ace about it if you don’t know what the status is? Thanks boss.

    Mike from Chicago

    p.s. Chicago loves you guys, so if you can, try to take the live podcasts on the road, charge a few more bucks here to cover travel expenses, and take the 3 1/2 hour car trip up to Detroit and do a road carcast w/ something cool up there. Hit the Improv here in Chicago for a live comedy podcast, and kill 2 birds w/ one stone.

    • CarCast says:

      The Ace on the House will be coming back. Adam is hammered with the NBC TV Pilot for the next week or so, but after that I think we are back on it as well as a bunch of other projects. No rest for the weary here at Ace Broadcasting.


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