Ace and Ganz Taking your Calls


Ace and Ganz Taking your Calls

We keep it simple this episode of CarCast we take your calls and chat it up! We hear about hood ornaments, GTO’s, Toyota’s recalls, Nissan, a slipping clutch and tools. We even toss in a bit more about Top Gear USA. Enjoy the show!

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30 Responses to “Ace and Ganz Taking your Calls”

  1. Sam Vance says:

    Thanks for taking my Nissan question. I think the cars could use a turbo option on several models as well as either RWD or AWD. As far as them looking kind of no frills, I do think the dealers should work with aftermarket suppliers more. I wish they would have brought over the Diesel Maxima that they have in Europe. By the way, I think that the Maxima is a better value than the Taurus SHO. It only has 290 hp, but that’s naturally asperated and it handles extremely well. Have you driven one? You can get one completely optioned out for under $40k STICKER. Sticker on the SHO is $46k.

    • CarCast says:

      Have not been in a new Max, but for 4k more you get twin turbo’s that, I’m sure with some tuning will move the hp way up. Lots of good cars, I like that we have a lot of options including US Car Companies for a change. I really like the Infiniti line up as well as others.


  2. Tyler Durden says:

    Adam, you are THE BEST, you make life manageable! Have a great weekend! James

  3. Paul says:

    Adam, Sandy & Co:

    Great job on this week’s Carcast and the main feed.

    One suggestion. How about some Adam Carolla Podcast and Carcast Swag to purchase?
    Check-out Diggnation & Revision3 they’ve been doing it for years and their fans buy stuff on their online store. Just another way to help keep the lights on and let those of us who enjoy your work support the shows.
    I know I’d be in for a couple of t-shirts and I’d guess others would be as well.


    • Joe says:

      For Carcast Merch click the home button and look for the link on the right of “Featuring this week on CarCast…”

      Got me a Carcast ball cap for Xmas featuring the old Autolight “inspired” logo.

  4. Luna says:

    Is the podcast just not up yet? Getting a 4K file no matter which browser I approach it with.

    • CarCast says:

      Yeah, was up last night, pulling it again to make sure and it’s all looking good. Try it again and see if it works. Also see if you can play it with the PLAY NOW button.


  5. Patrick Manpous says:

    I would love to hear what Adam thinks of Jessie James. It sounds like Adam had some interaction with Jessie while at a recent audition.

    • CarCast says:

      You know I have never asked him about Jessie James, I think the last time I saw him was at the Toyota Grand Prix with Adam, but don’t know. Sounds like a good call in question ;)


      • Patrick Manpous says:

        Instead of a “call in” question can I submit an “email” question?

        1) What does Adam think of Jessie James? His TV show? His motorcycles?

        and if you have time another question that’s been on my mind (and I’m sure the mind’s of many other devoted CarCast fans)…

        2) How did Sandy and Adam meet? How long have you guys known each other? Besides CarCast what other things do you do together?

  6. C_OAKLAND says:

    Worst tool ever thing cracked me up.

    upside down 99 pc craftsman set!
    Albertson’s ‘Loser Secton’

    Hilarious carcast.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Chris says:

    Was wondering what happened to the Investment cars of the week. I really loved that little segment and gave some great ideas of quality cars that the everyday man can afford and take the time to wrench on and care for. Did you guys run out of ideas, were people complaining about it and you scrapped it? Even if you did 1 each instead of the 3 I’d love to see a return of the segment.

    Anyway, I can’t tell you how much I love the carcast (and all the podcasts for that matter). Thanks so much for everything you’ve been doing.

    Chris from State College, PA

  8. B Dilly says:

    I’ve got a question. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THE TRAFFIC TICKET CAMERAS!!!???!? GOD DAMNIT!!!! Did the Nazis win? Did they? Did Goebbels get a job in America as a traffic cop? GOD DAMNIT!! ORWELL WARNED US! FUCK THE GOVERNMENT AND FUCK THESE CAMERAS ON THE POWERLINES!

  9. Andy says:

    Can you take a break from CarCast and do an Ace on the House? Thanks.

  10. Zack March says:

    Heya guys you were wondering who owns the History channel. If it has not been sold recently it should still belong to G.E.: here are a couple websites that shows who owns most television networks but they are out dated a bit Or

    I know Comcast recently got a controlling share of NBC so that has changed hands, others may have as well. With a simple google search comes up with is many sites with varriations on the same information, but knowing which one is the most up to date would take a lot of time and reading.

  11. 831Doug says:

    Great podcast! I really enjoyed the segment on hand tools.

    My dad was into cars when I was a kid and had a nice selection of hand tools. He’d let me and my brothers use them, but if one went missing he’d say “I’m locking em’ up for month if you can learn to keep track of the tools!” That never lasted, but we didn’t loose too many tools out of fear. :-)

    I’ve pretty much stuck with Craftsman over the years. I’ve had one cheapo socket break, but most tools are pretty indestructable. My favorite new tool is a set of std and metric GearhWrench flex-head wrenches.

  12. Isaac says:

    Here is a link to contact History Channel and bug them to hire Adam as the host for Top Gear.

    Let’s make it happen people!

    Donnie please tweet this to the masses if you see it!

  13. SPUD says:

    hey sandy i want to put some upgrades on my 05 titan and have about a grand im going to put a cool air intake what else would you suggest

    • CarCast says:

      SPUD –

      Really just depends on what you want to do, you can hit up the ‘Cat Back’ Exhaust, get a ECU Tuner for it, Suspension mods, etc. Some are easy to do yourself bolt on’s, some require outside work. Watch out for things that are too good to be true, but do some web search on “Nissan Titan Accessories” and you will get a bunch of places with parts and accessories.


  14. ATX says:

    Don’t listen to them Donny, they’re just jealous. SAVE THE BRONCO!

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