Adam’s Miura


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Adam’s Miura

It’s finally here, and not a minute too soon. This episode we haul down to Bobileff Motorcar Company to pick up Adam’s restored Miura. We take you through a bit of the work done on the car as well as a chat with Gary Bobileff who performed the work on the car. In the true spirit of Carolla, this car has been worked out to be a masterpiece work of automotive art. The Miura S has been modified to be more like the SV model, wider fenders, and much of the SV treatment. Some special touches include wider front and rear rims (with matching vintage tires) to fill out the wheel wells. And just for fun we tossed in Adam firing up an ultra rare Lamborghini SV/J (Jota). Check out the picture gallery for the journey…

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Image Gallery

Video Of the Miura Run

106 Responses to “Adam’s Miura”

  1. hoen says:

    great car. good design sense. It looks very muscular. how about some more stills of the interior and shots of the full car. I listen to the podcast while I work, and don’t have time to watch the videos. I like to click through the pics when i get home.

    thanks, great show.

  2. Mark Hotchkiss says:

    Big fan of the Ace Man … especially his love of cars. The best news of this podcast was that the History Channel will be making an American version of Top Gear. I’ve seen every episode of the Brit version and am a huge fan. I think that an American version without Ace would be a disaster … please take note History channel folks! He’d make a better version of Jermy Clarkson than Jermy himself. Hope you get the gig Ace!!

  3. Edmond says:

    Gary seemed pretty uninterested in the whole thing. He could not wait to get out of there. Great car Adam. And your rap on lawyers is silly. How about developing a rap on insurance companies and banks?

  4. Glenn Edley says:

    Adam you never cease to amaze me with your fantastic car taste. This is not blowing smoke up your behind. The Aston Green Aston, perfect. Blue Miura – Beautiful.

  5. ibchallenged (Bill) says:

    OMG! So freakin’ excited about Top Gear coming to History Channel and super excited that Adam will be one of the hosts! I hope we eventually get to see the pilot too. I want to see Adam in Death Valley

  6. danny noonan says:

    very nice car. i notice it does look somewhat like a mini corvette. oh im sure that hurt. but the color scheme looks great. wait until jr cracks it up in 13 years.

  7. Reggie Kenner says:

    Love the lines of the car and the interior looks really nice.

  8. ttamnoswad says:

    Great choices of design. That gold is perfect..

    But what going on with the right side windshield wiper? It doesn’t seat well against the glass and is overlapping the chrome trim. Perhaps the “clocking” of the wiper arm shaft is off. Prob not a major point of concern in southern california, but that detail is bothersome. Then again, prob came off the line that way.

  9. ttamnoswad says:

    Btw……its a Halon fire suppression system…….very different than a Halogen fire system.

  10. Lance Carbuckle says:

    Aceman! Get it on Togglebolt! Congrats on the TopGear USA gig! Best news of the day! Can’t wait!

    Break a leg bro!

  11. dbcoyle says:

    The buzz is good. I’ve already emailed my guys and told them to watch this video about the Top Gear USA news. It’s about time! We need a yank version. I love Top Gear on BBC America, but it does get old when they bang on American cars…. even though, there’s lots to make fun of.

  12. Joelus Maximus says:

    Wow, who’da thunk it, Adam has taste!

    Nice job on the colors and modification choices guys, it really does look fantastic!

  13. Jeremy says:

    I guess Tanner got the spot on Top Gear America. Sorry brother Adam man.

  14. Magista says:

    Gorgeous car. The Muira is a true icon.

    Marcello Gandini also designed the 1st gen BMW 5 series, Alfa Romeo Montreal, Lambo Countach, a bunch of Maseratis and the Lancia Stratos among others.

  15. ScottC says:

    Here is a great photo

    A picture of Miura’s getting their hearts. I thought the Ace Man would like it. Reposted from

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