Adam’s Miura


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Adam’s Miura

It’s finally here, and not a minute too soon. This episode we haul down to Bobileff Motorcar Company to pick up Adam’s restored Miura. We take you through a bit of the work done on the car as well as a chat with Gary Bobileff who performed the work on the car. In the true spirit of Carolla, this car has been worked out to be a masterpiece work of automotive art. The Miura S has been modified to be more like the SV model, wider fenders, and much of the SV treatment. Some special touches include wider front and rear rims (with matching vintage tires) to fill out the wheel wells. And just for fun we tossed in Adam firing up an ultra rare Lamborghini SV/J (Jota). Check out the picture gallery for the journey…

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Video Of the Miura Run

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  1. Useful*Idiot says:

    I actually had the opportunity to ride in one of was just insane.To have a 12 cylinder just 3 inches from the back of your head was insane…very beautiful car none the less..Would still love to get a Detomaso Pantera The american muscle/sports car…that was a sick ride

  2. You guys has done with a great idea on this super car.

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