Where’s the CarCast?


Where’s the CarCast?

So why no car cast today? Well we delayed it a day to bring you a CarCast road trip down to San Diego and to pick up Adam’s Miura that has been ‘under construction’ for almost 1 year. See you after the tow!

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20 Responses to “Where’s the CarCast?”

  1. Luna says:

    We’re used to waiting for things here, especially video. I keed.

    That’s alright, we await Sunday’s CarCast with baited breath… keep up the good work.

    Gosh that yellow Miura is sexy, reminds me so much of my father’s old yellow, black bumpered & trim DeTomaso Pantera, if not quite as curvy.

    Real shame Lambo decided never to build that new Miura concept even in small numbers, it too was incredibly sexy. What number Miura is this for Adam, #2?

  2. Minesh says:

    No problem – gives me a chance to catch up on all the other ACE Broadcasting Network feeds I’m behind on. Parent Experiment, here I come!

  3. Tyler Durden says:

    Can hardly wait; look forward to another awesome CarCast.

    Thanks Adam and Sandy!!

  4. Doodlemeyer says:

    Thanks for the update – this podcast is like crack for me…listen to it every Saturday morning while I detail my cars!

  5. Daruff says:

    Hey guys, I know this is the wrong board, but can you get the ‘keep the lights on’ shows into the Podcast section of iTunes rather than my music folder?

    • CarCast says:

      I’m not sure if it’s possible to do that. Might check with someone better versed in iTunes then me.


      • Dave says:

        Right click on the file that appears in the music folder and choose “Get Info”. In the window that then appears, click the “Options” tab and in the dropdown menu for media kind change it to Podcast then it magically appears in your podcast folder called Adam Carolla’s Album. At least that’s how it works on a Mac, hopefully Windows is similar enough that these instructions will work.

        • Daruff says:

          Dave, it worked. You are the fucking man, thanks.

          Ganz, thanks for responding anyway, I like how you respond here on the carcast side.

          Also, I’m a novice when it comes to cars. I listen to carcast as a fan of Adam and a way to fill my commute. How about adding a 5-7 minute feature each week for guys like me who want to take care of general maintenance stuff, a how-to section of sorts. You know stuff like oil changes, replacing headlights or spark plugs, all kinds of fluid flushing or changes, prep-ing and repairing spots that are the start of a rust bubble and how to diagnose simple things when that damn check engine light comes on, you know just stuff I can do myself to make sure I can drive my car forever and not have to pay for shit that’s simple to do.

  6. sean says:

    is the car being sold i noted the russo and steele decal on the front wind screen?

  7. Ed says:

    where are the new photos of the miura. Dying to see it

  8. Armenios says:

    Top Gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sam Vance says:

    You guys should try to build a one off concept of your own and make it a running part of the show. I say you do something like the Ariel Atom or build your own dune buggy. You could get guests that offer help at various intervals like Jessie James, Chip Foose, and some of the auto experts you’ve had on. Then Adam can reveal the finished car on Top Gear. What do you think?

    • CarCast says:

      Doesn’t that show exist with Jessie James? My idea for a show is were the car companies drop off cool cars for us to keep, well that might not work ;) We have so many unfinished cars we could do a series called “Don’t start something you can’t finish”


  10. Edwin says:

    Where’s the download link??

  11. Jackness says:

    How come I can download this podcast like the rest of them without using I-tunes? All It does is go to the flash player.

  12. Jackness says:

    Nevermind, I got it.

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