Hurst Performance Vehicles


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Hurst Performance Vehicles

Adam and Sandy show off a couple of the new Hurst performance vehicles with Nate Shelton and Chris Phillips. We take a look at the 2010 Dodge Challenger and the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. Both have some extra equipment tucked under the hood to help in the horsepower department. A double retro, cars and the classic Hurst style. Enjoy!


Hurst Performance Vehicles

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  1. nater says:

    Ok, I’ll try this again. We all know Adam’s and Donney’s journey to fame (and SOME would say fortune) but I want to know about Ganz! Not ot be an ass(again) but how did he make his money and how the hell does he afford an Aston Martin? We’re all interested in the journey. Also, stop monkeying with the website, the more you try to make it do, the less fun it is to “do”.

    • Jesse says:

      Yea I agree with you, Sandy is an interesting guy, I thought he was famous for something, but I couldn’t find any info on him when I did an internet search. I just assume Sandy’s parents were rich.

      • Goofball says:

        I concur.

        When at the LA car show’s BMW exhibit Ganz mentioned he bought a new 750iL without a test drive or other inspection.

        Two things occurred to me:

        Sandy must be one cashed-up dude.


        Sandy has been a cashed-up dude for a very long time. The E32 was the model being discussed and that model was around from 1986-94 (though I don’t think the V12 wasn’t available the whole time).

        So, what’s the deal?

        Please fill us in.

        Thanks in advance. :)

        • CarCast says:

          I bought a new-used one that was a heavy hit, but I was a single dude and at the time I had no house, just the car addiction. The car was an 89′ that I bought in maybe a couple of years later. Was my one of my favorite cars. Some cars are just right the, 750iL was one of them for me. Aggressive style, V12 4 door sedan, with real German style (Not like the BMW’s of today).

          I made good bucks working in computers as a software engineer, and add that meager living expenses (except for car stuff), it was easy getting a loan for this and a couple other cars. It was the 850i that broke my back after consulting contract expired and had a girl friend. Bye bye 850 :(

          That’s enough story telling for one night. Can’t give it all away…

          I will close with this, no one gave me the bread for the fun cars, I bused my hump for many years only to spend my $$ on a stash of Aluminum Blocks and cool cars.

          • Goofball says:

            Thanks for the response

            I’d assumed you made your money in the automotive field but when listening to the Marc Maron episode of the ACP Adam mentioned you work in computers.

            On the 750 – Did you ever get the 250 kph electronic limiter (I’m metric [Australian] what’s that in imperial? 155mph?) to engage? That was the first car to have that feature but I always thought it was a little bit of perhaps a marketing gimmick. The car had roughly 300 hp and probably weighed 2,000 kg (4,400 lb) in my opinion it would have been battling to do too much more than 250k/155mph. An early 996 Carrera with the same power output (but with much less torque obviously) and 25% less weight and better aerodynamics probably topped out at 165 mph. So I have a hard time believing a 750iL needed electronic intervention to prevent it from going above 155.

            I remember the 750 being reviewed in a magazine and they had the likes/dislikes list and the “likes” was something like “technological tour de force; quite simply the best car in the world.” While under “dislikes” it said “Are you kidding?” or something like that. There was one thing that I felt was a little strange about that car was, that inspite of being very technologically sophisticated, it wasn’t 4 valves-a-cylinder. In a time when cheaper cars like Nissan and Toyota sold plenty of cars with DOHC that “the best car in the world” was still SOHC. The 750 had something the reviewers at the time thought was amazing: I think it was called “limp home mode” where if the computer detected a fault in the engine it could shut down half the cylinders and drive the car on just 6. It seems strange to me that they had this innovation but were still single cam. I guess they weren’t used to making V12s so they thought it better to not try for too much at once. I don’t know.

            What year was your 850? It was an “i” not a CSi? Australia only had the one with the same motor as E32 750 (SOHC) or after that there was the 840CSi but Europe had a 5.6 (?) DOHC that had about 380 hp (I think it was badged in Europe as an 850CSi but model names can vary: in Australia there is no Mercedes-Benz S550; the same car is sold here as an S500) . I remember the Australian journalists liked the 8 series but felt it was a bit underpowered because the vehicles were very heavy; almost as much as the 750iL. I don’t know if North America got the 5.6 litre/380 hp model.

          • Goofball says:

            Just checked the 8 Series production history on Wikipedia (probably should have done that first).

            Here it is –

            830Ci 3.0 V8 215 hp 1992 only

            840Ci 4.0 V8 282 hp 1992-1996

            840Ci 4.4 V8 282 hp 1995-1999

            850i/Ci 5.0 V12 295 hp 1989-1994

            850Ci 5.4 V12 322 hp 1994-1999

            850CSi 5.6 V12 396 hp 1992-1996

        • CarCast says:

          Ran the 750iL right around 142MPH and it had more to go. Never hit the limiter with it. The 850i Or Ci never sure or that, that was into the limiter and I had returned it to the dealer saying something was wrong with the car. The tech came back out and said cars fine, engine cuts out at 155. Who knew. Not one of the CSI models, that was the ultra rare too expensive car. I never care that it has a sohc motor, it was nice, went great and was silky smooth as they said. The 840’s were the V8’s and I’m sure capable of more power then the V12’s but I think they had to keep them down until they killed the v12. Engineering Art.

          The 750iL did have limp home mode, had it happen a couple of times when one of the drive by wire throttles died and I was on half an engine.

          Nice solid car.

  2. Greg says:

    I agree with Nater…Spend some time on one of the Carcast episodes getting to know Sandy. How did he and Adam meet? And, what did he do with his life before he was one of the entertaining hosts of Carcast? Maybe the Ganz might even be a guest on the Adam Carolla Podcast (people want to know)…considering Adam sometimes seems to need guests. Thanks.

  3. Sampson says:

    Ganz is the man with the plan! Yes, I agree with the other comments, PLEASE share the back story with the rest of us. Did you and Al Gore invent the internet? Were you the brain behind the Snuggie? We all want to know what the roadmap to an Aston looks like. Or, the ripper could do in a pinch as well. Thanks!

    • CarCast says:

      I thought that Ashton Kutcher invented the internet? And man if I only invented the Snuggie (or super snuggie for that matter) I would be having the Ace man working for me ;).

      I’ll drop bits of my bio now and again, will let it unfold slow…


      • Matti says:

        First of all I am from Iceland. Great casts. I have had my share of the up´s and downs of being a fan of cars. Recently had to sell the last one in my garage… have to start all over again. Apart from my family, if I had no car enthusiasm then I would not have any interest in making money again.
        Is there any chance to come by and learn something from you guys and see what you are about over there, any jobs even ?

        I do not work in the car industry, but as of recently I would like to get into it more. I´ve wasted so many decades on work that I hate, and have nothing to show for it. Want my next step to try to nourish some of my enthusiasm for cars and hopefully work with in this field.


  4. Tony says:

    I agree. I would like to know Sandy’s story.

  5. latisha says:

    Get rid of the annoying short guy with sandy hair. Everytime he opens his mouth its painful.

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